8 Tips for a Successful Business Acquisition

8 Tips for a Successful Business Acquisition

Acquiring a business is a stressful endeavor that requires a massive amount of capital. The largest business acquisition in history occurred in 2016 when Anheiser-Busch InBev purchased SABMiller for $104 billion. You might not look at acquiring a business of that size yet, but it’s still important to know how to proceed when your business is ready to expand.

Successful companies are always looking for investment opportunities to add value to their corporate umbrella. If you want to join this distinguished group, then you need to know the proper steps to follow for buying a business—thats one of the advantages of corporation that you can acquire any other business easily.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide that successful companies use to acquire other small businesses. Keep reading to learn more today!

Business Acquisition

  1. Determine What You Want to Purchase

The best step to take if you plan on buying a business is to know what you’re looking for ahead of time. Some companies focus on acquiring the talent working there, while others are more interested in the intellectual property of that business.

Plans to purchase an entire business should include waiting 18 months before merging the new business with the existing one. Let the team at the company you’re buying get integrated into your business model rather than rushing the process.

The goals of buying the talent working at the company should come with plans to integrate the employees into your business model in a hurry. You’ll start seeing a profit immediately with the help of these talented individuals.

  1. Respect the Existing Products

The worst thing you can do when buying a business is disrespect its original business model and products. It doesn’t matter if you plan to keep the existing business model in place; respect what the original team built before the business acquisition.

These talented individuals sold their souls to build the company, and they created something that you desired. Respect the work they put into building the business and becoming an entrepreneur. Visit https://www.axiomlaw.com/practice-areas/mergers-acquisition to get the help you need with successful mergers when acquiring a business.

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  1. Determine Who Will Stay

It would be best to determine who will stay from your purchased business and who will get let go. It’s best to anticipate close to 20 percent of the original employees choosing to leave. Retaining the other 80 percent is a critical step to take for successful companies handling a merger.

Having a head count of who will stay and who will go makes it much easier to prepare for the future of both businesses. Let these professionals know early in the process if you plan to retain them or let them leave. This is especially important with business leaders from the business acquisition.

  1. Ignore Inconsequential Issues

Avoid changing the benefits packages and other inconsequential details when acquiring a business. It might seem minor, but it’s a guaranteed way to ruffle feathers and push talented professionals away from building something special with your business. Ignoring these issues will spur business growth and a harmonious work environment.

  1. Use a Short-Term Bonus Program

The employees of the business you’ve purchased likely feel their world crashing down around them. Keeping them on board comes with a price, and you need to get ready to offer a short-term bonus program to help them through this difficult time. This bonus program will give you time to convince them of the new leadership group and the business’s direction.

A good rule of thumb is to offer these employees their typical bonus as an incentive to stick around. The best results come from offering a bonus that is double what they normally receive. It’s a sure way to encourage business growth and to keep your talented employees.

  1. Develop a Long-Term Incentive Program

A long-term incentive program is another great idea when acquiring a business. Short-term incentives should be the priority, but you need to keep an eye on the future if you plan on keeping the best and brightest from your business acquisition on the team.

You need to show these employees that you’re invested in the company’s long-term future. Appeal to the hopes and dreams these entrepreneurs had before the business acquisition and merger.

Failure to come up with adequate long-term incentives will result in many of your employees looking at other opportunities. Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing employees after buying a business.

  1. Intermingle With Employees

The most effective way to get to know your new employees and build lasting relationships is to intermingle and socialize with them. These professionals want to know who they’re working for and the values that you represent.

You also need to look at ways to integrate the new employees with the existing ones for a seamless relationship. Your business growth will falter if no one works together. Look for managers who can switch companies to foster a feeling of understanding and goodwill.

  1. Dedicate Full-Time Positions

Saving some of the important full-time positions within your organization for professionals from the business acquisition is another great plan if you want to own two successful companies. Your job as the CEO is to ensure that the acquisition is a success.

The main reason why mergers fail is due to personnel issues. You can avoid these issues by rewarding individuals from both companies with promotions and powerful positions.

The worst thing you can do is show favoritism to the original employees at your business. Remain fair with employees from both companies for a successful acquisition and merger.

Make the Most of Your Next Business Acquisition Today

Each business acquisition is another win for the empire you dream of building, but you need to know the right steps that successful companies make when buying a business. Dedicate some important full-time positions to managers from the new company, and create short-term incentives to keep your best workers. It would help if you also showed complete respect for the new business’s products and methods.

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