6 Best Gifts for Disney™ Fans

Snagging the perfect gift for the Disney™ fan in your life has never been easier. The popular franchise has a seemingly endless number of products available for fans of every age. Whether you’re friends with an avid cook who loves making Disney™ inspired dishes, or someone who loves candles inspired by their favorite characters, there’s a perfect gift out there for everyone.

  1. Candles

You can never go wrong with giving a candle as a gift! Anyone can use candles, making them the perfect gift for someone close to you or someone you’ve just met. There are tons of candles available for every fandom out there. Of course, one of the biggest fandoms in the world is Disney™.

Disney Gifts

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Any fan of any age will get excited about unwrapping a candle made to represent their favorite childhood character. A Disney Mickey Mouse™ candle is a super cute addition to any fan’s space. Pair this with a Disney Minnie Mouse™ candle for the perfect Disney™ couples gift. There are no couple more iconic than our two favorite mice! These playful scents are carefully crafted to spark joy and nostalgia.

Picking out a candle inspired by a fictional location is a unique and thoughtful gift. Everyone who loves works of fiction can agree that there’s one place they wish to visit. Burning a candle that embodies a location in another realm is the perfect way to become immersed in a fictional world or a much-loved destination. The fan in your life will be more than excited to experience their favorite fictional place with one more sense. With one whiff of a Disney™ candle, they might feel transported to the Magic Kingdom™.

  1. Movie Marathon

Having a Disney™ movie marathon is a Disney™ lover’s dream. They can’t get enough of their favorite movies! Watching a movie they know and love is a great source of comfort for many people. Watching a new suspenseful show or movie can be anxiety-inducing and fun, but it’s not always what you need. For many Disney™ lovers, watching their favorite films can give them an outlet to express their inner child.

Plan a movie night by lining up a couple of their favorite Disney™ movies. Set up a snack bar with their favorite snacks and drinks or make food themed around their favorite movie. There are tons of recipes online that will show you how to create treats that are reminiscent of beloved Disney™’s classics. They won’t be able to contain their excitement when they find out you’ve planned the perfect movie night with them.

  1. Art Prints

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High-quality art prints are a great option for anyone on your shopping list. Prints are available for just about any character and movie you can think of. If you know someone obsessed with a particular film, it’s impossible to go wrong when finding wall art for them. There are tons of options to fit anyone’s personal style.

If they’re only into canonically accurate work, you’ll have no trouble finding art depicting characters and scenes true to the story. However, if they’re interested in fanart or alternate art, there’s no shortage of unique styles and concepts available for every Disney™ movie. You could even commission a piece of art featuring your intended recipient transformed into a Disney™ princess. Looking at all the variations in artwork can be super fun when you’re shopping too. You will surely find the perfect print for the Disney™ fan you love.

  1. Cookbook

If the Disney™ adult in your circle is an avid cook, a Disney™ themed cookbook is the perfect gift. Looking at fictional food in movies can instantly make you crave something that doesn’t exist. Luckily, there are food pros out there, making it possible to cook up these delicious-looking snacks right at home. They even create copycat recipes for treats only available in Disney™’s parks. What fan wouldn’t want to enjoy a yummy Dole Whip at home?

A quick internet search will bring up tons of results for Disney™ cookbooks. There are often user reviews and photos of things people have cooked using the book’s guidance, so check those out. Pick out your Disney™ fan’s favorites, and they’ll be excited to start making dishes they’ve only seen on screen or Disney™ properties. You don’t have to be a professional in the kitchen to make tasty treats from realms you’ve never visited. You have to have an open mind and an open Disney™ cookbook!

  1. Accessories

You may think your favorite fanatic already has everything, from coffee mugs to bedding, but there is a never-ending array of accessories with Disney™ fans in mind. Is there something they have repeatedly mentioned needing? You can most likely find a Disney™ version. From a Mickey Mouse™ waffle maker to a porcelain Disney Princess™ tea set, there’s a Disney gift for everyone. By spending time with your intended recipient, you may already have something in mind.

If they struggle to manage their time or are constantly forgetting things and the calendar app isn’t working, give them a Disney™ themed desk calendar or planner. They won’t resist using such a cute place to plan their week. If they’re always dropping their phone when using it, get a cute Disney™ phone grip. Is their old travel backpack beat up from all the Disney™ park trips? Why not pick a new one featuring their favorite character?

  1. Plushies

Disney Gifts

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Plushies bring out the inner child in almost anyone. They’re super cute, soft, and great for snuggling. Suppose you can’t think of anything else to get your favorite Disney™ fan. They can display them on a shelf, decorate their bed or even start a plush collection by setting up a plush net.


There are so many ways to make the Disney™ fan in your life happy. These six gifts will surely bring a smile to their face, no matter who they are. Whether they love to cook or want to spend time watching their favorite films, you can’t go wrong in choosing one of these amazing gift ideas that are sure to spark some Disney™’s magic!


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