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If you’re anything like me, you’re all about finding new self-care tips and routines that work. Bubble baths and face masks might be the classic thing everyone thinks of when they think of self-care, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about self-care that makes you feel good about yourself and ready to take on anything. And this is coming from someone who loves bubble baths as much as the next person.


What is your healthy era?

Your healthy era is the next period when you finally take control of your health and take steps that will help you feel great. Entering your healthy era means eating, sleeping, and moving well. I’m busy with work and kids, so having time to work on all three aspects is tough. I get it.

That’s why I’m always looking for helpful ways to put my health first. And I’ve found one that helps me! Don’t roll your eyes when you see what it is because—trust me—there’s more to it than you might think. The way I’ve found to enter my healthy era is with Le-Vel Thrive.

I had heard about Thrive from too many Facebook friends, probably just like you. I also thought it was ridiculous that something so simple could work. But when I felt like I could not control my healthy era, I decided I’d reach out to my cousin (a Thriver who promotes and sells the product) to get a sample pack to try it out. And let me tell you, I was skeptical too, but I’ve experienced the benefits myself.

What is Le-Vel?

Le-Vel Thrive is a multi-billion dollar health-and-wellness company. Le-Vel started in 2012 and is now one of the top nutritional supplement companies in the United States. Seriously. Le-Vel generated over 2 billion in sales within only seven years. That’s pretty impressive in the health and wellness industry, where there are more than 20,000 businesses to compete with.

But what does Le-Vel do? They thrive in the industry and provide Thrive to the rest of us.

What is Thrive?

So what is Thrive? Le-Vel offers many health-promoting products, but the Thrive Experience is what they’re known for. What is the Thrive experience, though? I’ll break it down for you here as it was explained. The whole experience is just three steps, so it was super easy to integrate into my regular day-to-day life (again, I was looking for something easy, so I could make it happen).

Step 1: Take two capsules in the morning

I had to take two capsules with a glass of water first thing in the morning. I took them on an empty stomach and did it right away each day. The capsules support muscle and joint function, improve digestion, increase cognitive performance, and boost the immune system. There’s a formula for women and one for men.

Step 2: Drink a Thrive shake

About twenty minutes after taking the capsules, you drink a Thrive shake. It’s a complex nutritional supplementation in the form of essential vitamins, antioxidants, plant extracts, probiotics, minerals, and amino acids. In addition to supplementing nutrition, it is designed to support lean muscle growth and weight management. Don’t worry: it tastes great, and there are 11 flavors to choose from, including vegan options! None of those nasty supplement tastes here.

Step 3: Apply the DFT to a clean, dry area of the skin

The DFT is formally called “Derma Fusion Technology” and is a foam adhesive you wear on a clean, dry skin area and wear for 24 hours. This step helps support the other two, but it also helps promote focus.

Tips to enter your new healthy era with Thrive

So with all of this information about Thrive in mind, I’m going to give you my tips about how to enter your very own healthy era with Thrive to help you out.

Tip 1: Add Thrive to your daily routine

The whole experience is completed in just 20 minutes every morning!! You can swallow two capsules, drink a shake, and apply the DFT easily. After my three weeks of trying the Thrive experience, I could feel a difference. I felt more alert and had the energy to make it through my day (no naps!). It’s easy and a great way to step into your healthy era.

Tip 2: Make sure to move

Thrive is great, but it’s better to support it with exercise. Plus, exercise is a great way to support your body and show appreciation for all it does for you. But don’t force yourself to run a marathon because you feel like you should. Instead, choose a movement you love. If you love taking your Hot Girl Walks while listening to an audiobook or podcast, do that! If you love yoga, spin classes, weight lifting, climbing mountains, or Irish dancing, do that! Make sure to move in a way you love.

Tip 3: Get enough sleep

Everything in life is better when you have a healthy sleep routine. It’s hard to make that happen with a busy schedule, but sacrificing other activities for more sleep is important. Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep at night. With better sleep and Thrive added to your daily routine, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world!

Tip 4: Take time to focus on your mental health

Mental health is crucial for your healthy era! You can’t forget about the organ that keeps you alive! It’s important to carve out time for your mental health. How you choose to focus on your mental health is up to you, but here are a few ways I carve out that time:

  • Writing down my thoughts is a great way to unwind each day and process my thoughts and feelings.
  • Sometimes I meditate on yoga. Sometimes I meditate to get ready to sleep. Time to relax and let go of life’s troubles helps clear your mind.
  • I know I joked about bubble baths earlier, but honestly, soaking in the tub at night can be a great way to relax and focus on my mental health.

So there you have it! Four great ways to enter your Healthy Era and feel spectacular! Give Thrive a shot to help support your Healthy Era because it’s made a huge difference in my mental and physical health.

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  1. Betsy Jolas says:

    It’s wonderful to hear that you’re investigating various self-care techniques and seeking out methods to prioritize your health. Finding the Wordle that works best for you is an individual adventure for each person.

  2. Julia says:

    Fantastic! Your tips are truly amazing 🙂 I’m a huge fan of writing in my gratitude journal and meditating as well. I ensure to meditate every morning (except on weekends) and before going to bed. It’s so important to have a positive and healthy mindset while on a weight loss journey, and I’m currently making efforts towards achieving my weight loss goals with affirmations and visualizations. Let’s keep pushing ourselves, and we will ultimately succeed in our endeavors! 🙂

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  5. Olivia says:

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