How to Pack Furniture Into a Shipping Container in Melbourne

packing furniture

packing furniture

Moving furniture is often daunting, especially when packing it into a shipping container. Portable storage containers are an ideal way to safely and securely transport furniture. But how do you go about packing furniture into one of these containers? Here are a few tricks to make the process as effortless and stress-free as possible.

What is a Portable Storage Container?

A portable storage container is a secure and enclosed unit in various sizes. These containers are typically made from steel or aluminum and can be rented based on your specific requirements- short-term or long-term storage. The best part about using these containers is that they can also act as pack it yourself shipping containers without hiring a moving company.

efficiently pack

How to Efficiently Pack Furniture into a Portable Storage Container

  • Start by wrapping all your furniture in felt blankets or bubble wrap for extra protection during transit. This will help avoid any scrapes or damage while loading the container.
  • Choose a 10ft container storage for oversized items such as couches, beds, and other bulky furniture. Alternatively, if you only have smaller items that do not require a large container, opt for something more compact, like an 8- or 6ft portable storage container. Put the larger items at the bottom of the container first, followed by smaller items, such as boxes or dressers, on top of them. This will help maximize space within the container while ensuring heavier items don’t shift during transit.
  • Secure all items with straps or rope to remain in place during transit. This will also help protect against potential damage caused by shifting items within the container during transit.
  • Use additional padding between each item, such as cardboard boxes or foam blocks, to further protect against any potential damage caused by shifting items within the container during transit.


  • You need to label every box with its contents so you know what’s inside when unpacking at your destination. This will save time and effort when unpacking at your destination, allowing you to quickly locate specific items without searching through multiple boxes first!

You can safeguard your furniture during transit with these expert tips and tricks! No more worrying about items moving around and causing damage – your furniture will arrive safe and sound at its destination. Additionally, packing yourself with pack-it-yourself shipping containers can save you cash compared to hiring a professional moving company – making it an ideal option for those looking for an affordable solution when moving their furniture!

Problems That You Can Avoid By Packing Furniture Correctly

Packing furniture incorrectly can lead to potential issues that can arise during transit. The most common problem is damage caused by shifting items within the container during transit. This can occur if items are not securely fastened, making them unstable during transport, resulting in scratches, dents, and breakage. The expense of repairing or replacing your valuable items can be significant.

difficulty loading

Other problems include difficulty locating specific items due to a lack of labeling and the unnecessary costs of hiring a professional moving company.


You can avoid these issues by taking the time to pack your furniture correctly! This saves time and finances and ensures that your belongings reach safely at their destination without any damage caused by shifting items within the container during transit!

Whether you’re using a shipping container rental for short-term or long-term storage or moving your home or office to a new location, packing your furniture using the tips and tricks mentioned above is a wise investment in the safety and security of your belongings.



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