The Magic Flute! Available on May 16 on digital, Blu-ray+DVD Combo and DVD

The Magic Flute
Ready for an unforgettable magical adventure? Prepare to embark upon The Magic Flute! Gather up your family and prepare to embark upon an electrifying journey from the big screen to your own living room! Mark May 16 on your calendars when The Magic Flute hits digital platforms, Blu-ray+DVD Combos, and DVD. Don’t miss this!
F. Murray Abraham won an Academy Award(r) for his performance as F. Murray Abraham in The White Lotus, making this film an ensemble of international opera stars and providing audiences with the timeless beauty of Mozart’s The Magic Flute for generations to enjoy. With its captivating tale of fantasy and adventure that has held audiences spellbound since 1791, The Magic Flute continues to enthrall viewers all around the globe today.
The Magic Flute
Experience an extraordinary adventure as young Tim Walker (played by Jack Wolfe) embarks upon an extraordinary journey at a legendary Mozart boarding school. Explore a magical portal leading directly into The Magic Flute by Mozart, and witness themes of courage, virtue, and wisdom prevail against all odds.

The Magic Flute

Since The Magic Flute hit theaters earlier this year, audiences have been excited about it. One Fandango user exclaimed with delight, “I believe Mozart himself would be charmed by this film!” Spectators could not find words to adequately describe its magical splendor that captured both real-world reality and its magical flute realm; F. Murray Abraham’s iconic portrayal as Grumpy Yet erudite authority figure F Murray Abraham is sure to leave an indelible mark as is Iwan Rheon’s turn as Papageno – all must-see films, especially as an introduction into Mozart’s iconic masterpiece!
Don’t delay! Now is the time to discover The Magic Flute’s magic and splendor. Gather together your loved ones, get a copy, and prepare for an entrancing cinematic experience that will leave you breathless! View the official movie trailer now, mark May 16 on your calendars as a date you won’t want to miss, and answer its call – The Magic Flute needs you now more than ever!

My Thoughts

This movie is truly delightful! The entire cast shines as they display their incredible singing talents with powerful operatic voices, particularly Jack Wolfe, who shines both as an exceptional actor and singer, captivating his audience throughout. Heartwarming and family-friendly movie, it features a charming plotline that will leave audiences smiling with delight. While I personally found the story captivating and enjoyable, Tim and Sophie’s relationship seemed somewhat forced in places. However, this one might do the trick for a simple family film with lots of smiles that will uplift you and leave you humming a tune or two! Don’t be put off if opera and classical music aren’t your forte – this movie is accessible and enjoyable for all audiences. As a Mozart fan myself, it was great having F. Murray Abraham from “Amadeus” amongst its cast – an added delight! A highly recommendable cinematic experience that promises joyousness!
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