Where to Buy CBD Gummies in Australia: Your Guide for 2023

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies can be a suitable and flavorful way to integrate CBD into your daily routine. When searching for where to buy CBD gummies in Australia, it is crucial to research and locate a reputable brand that makes high-quality products.

Buying CBD gummies in Australia is possible, but this can take a long time and is expensive. While it may seem straightforward to want to buy gummies from the nearest physical store, people must get a doctor’s prescription before being able to buy CBD-based items at stores or pharmacies.

Where You Can Buy CBD Gummies in Australia

CBD Gummies

Purchasing CBD products through a legal process is necessary to guarantee you have the right gummies that serve you. There are three ways to buy CBD gummies in Australia:

  1. Over-the-counter at pharmacies (not available yet)
  2. A prescription from a health expert: Currently, this is the only legal option. And you can obtain a prescription through the following channels:
  • Your GP, Specialist, or Nurse Practitioner (in some jurisdictions)
  • An authorized prescriber: Some doctors can prescribe under the Authorized Prescriber Scheme, which, unlike the Special Access Scheme, they would not have to apply to the TGA each time they need to prescribe particular CBD products. However, the process takes a lot of time and is equally challenging. Hence, doctors stay with prescribing via the SAS (Special Access Scheme).
  • Cannabis clinics
  1. International CBD brands (Online or directly): You can buy CBD gummies from brands overseas that ship to Australia, either via courier services or straight from the brand. The greatest downside of CBD online shopping is that it’s not really allowed. Buying CBD online overseas and shipping it to Australia is technically illegal, so there’s a small risk of having your product seized at the border.

Many Australians decide to go this route due to the perceived cost of CBD products in Australia. So, if you choose to buy CBD gummies from overseas, here are two recommendations:

  1. Do your research and ensure you’re buying products from a highly reputed company willing to provide third-party testing documentation.
  2. Check the total cost of the CBD gummies you’re buying and compare that to the cost of legal CBD gummies brands in Australia.

Note that if you do not carry a license to import, you may not bring in CBD products from overseas. However, a prescription does not mean you can buy CBD products online or from overseas.

Other Ways to Buy CBD Gummies in Australia


For a state where they sell marijuana legally, you may be able to buy CBD gummies from a dispensary if you reside there. Dispensaries have a broad range of hemp-derived and cannabis products and CBD gummies. They can also guide you on which products may be ideal for your needs.

Health Food Stores

Majority of health food stores stock CBD products, as well as gummies, that are sold as natural solutions for various health issues, including ED. When buying CBD gummies from a health food store, look for a reputed brand and check the product’s dosage.

CBD Specialty Stores

CBD specialty stores are becoming very popular, providing various CBD products, including gummies. These CBD websites may also have informed staff who can guide you on which products are best for your needs.

Local Pharmacies

Some pharmacies may also carry CBD products, including gummies. However, not all pharmacies carry these products, and their selection may be limited.

Online Retailers

One of the simplest ways to purchase CBD gummies is through online retailers. Many reputable online CBD retailers offer a variety of products from different brands. But before you buy from an online retailer, make sure to research and read customer reviews. Check the CBD dosage and brand and consider CBD’s price and legality in your state.

Whether you buy CBD gummies from any listed outlets, pick a safe, effective product that fits your budget.

The Risk of Buying CBD Gummies Online

Many false claims are being made by companies which makes you better off obtaining CBD gummies via the legal access pathway in Australia for the following reasons:

  1. Consistency: Studies show that unregulated CBD products online rarely contain advertised CBD.
  2. Safety: Online products have no quality assurance oversight or regulatory standards for making testing or labeling. These products are not undergoing testing by the TGA to ensure strict accordance with medical-grade quality standards. These products can include toxic substances like heavy metals.
  3. Price: Many assume unregulated CBD products sold online are less expensive than in pharmacies. But the case is more about online CBD products that are often inconsistent and of lower quality. The regulated product you get from a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription is consistent, high-quality, and medical-grade products.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the popularity and growth of CBD gummies, many brands are on the market today. Therefore, to select the most potent gummy brand, you should research. Only by discovering a CBD gummy that a trusted brand makes will you be able to find the gummies that suit you.

Writer’s bio: Nikolay Stoyanov is the CEO of a renowned CBD SEO advertising agency that provides high-quality search engine optimization services to CBD companies in the US and Australia.


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