How To Adjust Your Skincare Routine For New Environments

You can spend years developing a skincare routine that works perfectly and overcomes all the issues you dealt with when you were younger. Finally, you have something so easy to maintain you could do it in your sleep, and there’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Or is it?

skincare routine

Your skincare may work well where you live, but what about traveling? What about if you move to another city or country? You may find that your skincare routine isn’t as effective, and what used to work seamlessly now feels like a battle you can’t seem to win. Stressful isn’t the half of it, so you’ll need to adjust your skincare routine for new environments. It’s easy to say, but how can you make it a reality?

Why Can’t You Use the Same Routine?

While your routine may work perfectly at home, several reasons mean it isn’t as effective (and could even be detrimental) in other environments.


Humidity level can often affect how your skin reacts in different locations. This is most common when visiting a tropical destination as there is more moisture in the air which could cause problems if you have oily skin. On the other end of the spectrum, too little humidity will not help those with already dry skin, as there is not enough moisture to maintain your skin’s elasticity.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure and the overall temperature will also affect your skincare routine. If you’re not used to spending all day in the sun, you may need to apply more sunscreen, especially with a high SPF rating for those with pale and sensitive skin.


The temperature will also determine how much you perspire, which clogs your pores and can cause breakouts and skin damage. While you may want to spend as much time in the sun as possible, taking breaks will make your skincare routine easier to manage.

Air Pollution

Traveling to the most famous and bustling cities in the world, such as New York or London, is an excellent way to embrace the country’s culture and see what all the fuss is about. However, the more populated a city is, the more chances of air pollution and smog.


Air pollutants can seriously harm your skin as the VOCs can get into your pores and even cause redness and irritation around your eyes. Eventually, this breaks down the protective barrier your skin uses as a defense mechanism (albeit over long-term exposure) and impacts the collagen responsible for keeping your skin taut.

Type Of Water

Some destinations have more hard water than others. This can affect your skin as it does not allow you to clean your face sufficiently. Much like hard water’s effects on your pipes and faucets, the minerals found in hard water can block the effectiveness, meaning you never remove pollutants and other issues from your skin as effectively as you’d like.


Although many skincare demands are a result of the physical and environmental aspects of a new location, sometimes, you also need to accept that some products are not available. Those who have worked hard to establish a superior routine know how frustrating this can be, so you could benefit from bringing your favorite products.


But what happens when you run out? You could speak to a dermatologist to find out which products offer the same benefits. However, you may simply need to practice trial and error with products available locally.

Skin Care Tips In A New Environment

Traveling or moving to a new place is exciting, but it can significantly hinder the progress you’ve made with your skincare routine. This issue is especially true if you’re visiting the worst cities for your skin, so it’s worth knowing how to overcome various problems to make skincare manageable and keep your confidence sky-high.

Deep Your Skin Clean More Often

Every skin routine should include a deep clean process, but you need to make sure you do it with the right products. Ideally, you have a selection of deep cleaning options at your disposal and these should be sufficient for a short trip away.


However, long-term traveling or relocation could make things more difficult. Stocking up on your favorite deep cleaning products and ensuring they are suitable for your environment should help avoid most skincare issues. The sooner you get on top of your skincare needs, the easier it will be to adjust and adapt your routine.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential when on vacation or spending your days out and about. But, it also benefits your skin. You should drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a moisturizing lotion to keep your skin firm. If you have naturally dry skin, this hydrating serum could be the answer you’ve been searching for to maximize your routine and its effectiveness.


Depending on where you visit, you should moisturize at least twice a day (once when you wake up and again before going to sleep). You may want to reapply moisturizer throughout the day if you feel your skin is drying out.

Protect Your Skin

It is also worth knowing to protect your skin in various environments. For sunny and tropical locations, sunscreen with a suitable SPF is essential as it helps you maintain smooth and soft skin even if you spend a lot of time in the sun or ocean.


But what about other climates? Deserts and the mountains are also options where you could travel. Protecting your face from strong and dry winds (and sand or snow) is vital. You can use a shawl or scarf to provide extra protection and minimize irritation.

Embrace Exfoliation

Many environments come with pollutants or particles that can clog your skin, which makes it difficult for it to breathe and remain fresh. Because of this, you should embrace the powers of exfoliation. This is likely something you do already, but a change in environment and air quality may demand even more exfoliation. However, do not exfoliate every day, as this can irritate your skin. Instead, once every two or three days should suffice depending on your skin type.

Find Balance

Balancing your skin type with the right products is not always simple. Some places can disrupt everything about your skin, making it feel impossible to get back to what you had before. If you don’t want to bring all your skincare essentials with you, a few effective products may do the trick. As long as you are consistent with them, you should minimize several common skincare problems. If you stay for a long time, you can always add additional products to the routine once you see how the environment affects your skin.

Don’t Stress

Traveling or relocating can be a stressful experience, so understanding the effects of stress on your skin should inspire you to remain calm. If you’re prone to breakouts, you may need to consider stress-coping mechanisms that can minimize the symptoms caused by strange and frustrating experiences.

If you don’t, you may need to work twice as hard to fix skin issues while you’re away. The issue is that the more you worry, the worse your skin could become, creating a vicious cycle that feels impossible to escape. Try to remain calm and ground yourself no matter what.


Perhaps have easy-to-manage skin that embraces any new environment like a chameleon. If so, you may not need this advice. But, if you worry about breakouts and itchy skin when traveling, these tips can help you find the perfect solution that helps you make small but effective changes to your skincare routine, meaning you can look and feel your best everywhere you go.

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