Enhancing Energy Efficiency With Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows

Hurricane windows are not only designed and built to resist strong winds, but they also provide superior insulation capabilities. It is primarily due to their dual pane construction and insulated frames.

These features prevent the heat from escaping your home during the summer and also help reduce energy bills. Plus, depending on your location and home insurance policy, you may qualify for tax incentives.

Increased Insulation

If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you know that a home’s windows are vulnerable to high winds, debris, and water intrusion. While alternative storm protection methods can be time-consuming and inconvenient, hurricane windows offer year-round peace of mind.

Manufacturers design their windows to withstand Category-5 hurricane wind speeds of up to two hundred miles per hour. It is possible because of an interlayer placed between the glass panes that can prevent the window from shattering into dangerous shards.

Breaking these shards into smaller, rounded fragments is a reliable way to reduce the risk of harm if they accidentally enter your home. In addition to protecting you from high winds, hurricane windows block out the summer sun’s rays to keep your home cool. The most energy-efficient hurricane windows have insulated LowE glass and aluminum or vinyl frames. This combination will lower your electric bill by up to 30%.

Reduced Energy Bills

Investing in hurricane-resistant windows is crucial in regulating indoor temperature and significantly reducing energy bills.

They are heavier than standard windows and doors, providing a degree of insulation that isn’t available with other styles. Over time, UV rays can indeed cause damage to furnishings. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening by using appropriate blockers.

The laminated impact glass with a protective inter-layer can resist up to 200 mph winds. It makes unwanted entries by burglars difficult and adds a level of safety that you and your family will enjoy all year round. The insulated glass with LowE coatings or argon gas fillers in between the glass panes also helps lower your energy bills. Energy Star-rated impact windows can save you up to $700 in energy costs over two years.

Reduced Noise

It is imperative to note that hurricane windows are incredibly effective in safeguarding homes against the destructive winds and debris accompanying violent storms. The most advanced options currently available not only offer top-notch noise insulation but also include additional security features that enhance the safety of homes.

While they do not claim to be soundproof, they reduce the outside noise that comes through a window by as much as 50%. It can be an incredible benefit if your neighbors are a bit too close or if you have a young child having trouble sleeping through the night.

To qualify as a hurricane-rated window, each pane of glass must pass a three-part test that checks for air and water pressure levels and structural components. The result is a Design Pressure Rating (DP) that tells you how well the window will withstand dangerous weather conditions. Features like weather stripping and window film can help increase the DP rating.

Better Security

Hurricane windows are designed to withstand extreme conditions in tropical storms, such as flying debris and high winds. Their thicker glass and sturdier frames are much more effective at preventing intruders from breaking into your home than standard window options, which can easily be smashed with a hammer or crowbar.


Strict testing procedures also back hurricane-proof windows to ensure that they stand up against intruders and other threats, including wind-borne debris and ballistics. As a result, they are an excellent choice for homes, commercial buildings, and other properties that require heightened security.

The cost of hurricane-proof windows will vary by brand, frame material, and other features. However, it is usually cheaper than installing new or replacing existing standard windows. Additionally, many brands offer comprehensive warranties and additional features to help offset the cost. Weatherstripping and window film can increase the price, but these options are often worth the investment. Other important factors affecting the overall cost include installation, labor, and materials.

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