Outsourcing & Automation: 5 Areas to Make Your Organization More Efficient

Outsourcing activities your employees do not have the time for but are important for the smooth operation of your business can range from hiring a commercial cleaning company to letting an external professional handle your finaces.Technology here plays a big part as it can allow fledgling companies to become far more efficient. The importance of efficiency multiplies when a business enters a competitive market. To compete with larger companies, a focus on technology to assist staff is crucial. The truth is that there could be technology available that can help almost immediately. Implementing new tools within the company will take time, along with training staff. Resistance might be present as certain members of the staff might see a number of their tasks automated. Below are areas where tech tools can help take a small or even large business to the next level.


Outsourced Accounting Solutions and Digital HR

HR can be so complicated as not all hires will end up working out for a long period of time. Automation is also a very important aspect of accounting; from tax time to quarterly P&L reports, performance reports, and HR compliance, and outsourcing accounting prevents HR from bias when hiring and firing.

“Outside accounting & hiring solutions can take this task off of the plate of a business. The only aspect to consider is making sure hires fit within the company culture. Reducing the turnover rate of new employees can help drive up overall employee retention,” says District Advisory, a firm of Outsourced Accountants in Washington, DC.

For example, you do not want a new hire that completely changes the dynamic of the office in a negative fashion. Employee (along with client) retention becomes much easier when all projects are organized in a single space. Encouraging clients to login to the platform can allow them to see the progress of their current projects.

Slack, Gchat, And Other Messaging Platforms

Remote work has taken over for a number of reasons, including the work-life balance it offers professionals. The cost savings from a lack of need to rent office space is another benefit. Instant messaging takes many forms depending on the location and size of a company. Slack and other messaging apps are very popular due to the ability to seamlessly send files. The fact that the information is secure is very important for all companies that value the privacy of employees and clients.

The ability to revisit messages is also essential with these apps as the sole means of communication. Monitoring company communication is another benefit, as it helps ensure the best managerial practices are being followed.

Project Management Software

Project management software can help keep an entire organization on the right track. The ability to prioritize projects or tasks makes it clear what a member of the staff should be working on. Hitting deadlines is going to be a huge part of any business, regardless of industry. Keeping clients happy is about hitting deadlines with quality work at a reasonable price.

Internal communication within these platforms can help with collaboration immensely. Clients might prefer certain forms of communication, whether they prefer email or weekly phone calls. The transition between client managers can be seamless if all conversations are documented within the project management platform.

QuickBooks Can Be A Lifesaver For Accounting

Accounting used to be a nightmare for small business owners trying to balance their own books. QuickBooks, along with apps that help organize expenses, are widely available. QuickBooks is likely the most popular tool that is used to help businesses stay organized financially. The ability to forecast cash flow is invaluable to any business looking to grow through marketing and advertising. The tool can also keep track of what payments need to be made by clients. Sending out automated reminders can be a great option rather than risk offending a client who pays late regularly.

Using Upwork Freelancers To Scale Projects

Upwork is a publicly traded company that connects clients with freelancers. The amount of talent on this platform is truly staggering as the skillsets span all industries. You can find a top freelancer who has experience working in-house at a number of corporations. Scaling projects with freelancers can be essential during times of sudden growth. Instead of hiring full-time employees, you can delegate the work to freelancers. In a number of cases, freelancers will cost far less than employing a person full-time for specific tasks. Do not underestimate the potential of freelancers to help a business during growth and beyond.

Technology will continue to change the way business is conducted on a daily basis. Adoption of technology can give a company an edge over its competitors. Ask employees about various tools they have used in the past that have made their job easier. You might find that the recommendations from employees are the most valuable available.

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