How to Earn Money While Navigating Parenthood

How to earn money

As women, it really can be difficult to ‘have it all’ in terms of kids and career. Since most of us become the primary caregivers to our little ones, those early years especially can be so tricky, and balancing motherhood with anything else can feel futile. Maybe you already have an established career but don’t feel ready to return to it after maternity leave- it might make you rethink your career plans completely. You might have only just got started in your working life when your babies came along, meaning you can feel a bit lost and confused about what to do next after having children.


Either way, if you want to earn some money and keep your mind busy outside of changing nappies and feeds, the best way to go about this with small kids is usually to do some flexible work from home. That way you can pick up a little more when you’re catching enough sleep, less when times are harder and you don’t have to physically leave the house or have to show up anywhere on time or looking presentable (which is a huge challenge as a new mum!) Here are some ideas for things that might work for you. 


Ever thought about sharing your parenting escapades with the world? Your sleepless nights and lunchbox triumphs are golden nuggets and many mums read and interact with blogs as a way to network and feel part of a community. Start a blog yourself, with a bit of dedication, your blog could become a cozy corner of the internet, attracting sponsorships and bringing in some extra dough. Share parenting hacks, funny anecdotes, and valuable tips- your unique perspective is what people are after. 

Making and Selling

If you’re already a skilled crafter, perhaps you knit, sew, paint or design online then this is a great way to make money while also keeping your mind sharp. Create in any spare time you have, and sell on platforms like Etsy. As a mum you have an inside look into what it is other mums likely want and will buy too- from milestone blankets to memory bears, personalised baby items and more- if you have the skills to make them then go for it. 

Remote Gigs

Many companies offer remote job opportunities, letting you earn a steady income without sacrificing precious moments with your kids (or even needing you to get dressed!) Search on sites like Indeed and look for companies offering remote work, if you can get something flexible you can really work it around your life. Utilise the skills you already have from the workplace and also explore new opportunities – virtual assistance, social media management for an seo company, or even online tutoring could be right up your alley.


Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their life and family on sites like Instagram or TikTokm but they offer opportunities to partner with brands looking for a family-friendly vibe so if this is something you’re cool with it could be a great one to consider. You could consider starting a YouTube channel where you share parenting advice, product reviews, or simply document the joys (and struggles) of parenthood.


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