Caffeine Comfort: Discovering My Home Coffee Delight

Caffeine Comfort
There’s something special and soothing about making and drinking coffee at home in your own environment, bringing joy and solace to morning routines everywhere. In my series on “Caffeine Comfort,” I explore home coffee brewing practices, rituals, and recipes that bring solace every morning for myself as I discover their benefits first-hand.

Morning Ritual: A Source of Solace

Since childhood, my morning has started with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filling my home and offering comforting solace before the demands of daily life take their course. Looking forward to that first sip is always exciting and never loses its magic!

An Introduction to Home Coffee Brewing Experience

Beginning my home coffee brewing adventure slowly was no simple journey. At first, it involved using only an ordinary drip coffeemaker. However, as my interest blossomed, I began exploring all manners of home brew preparation methods like French presses and pour-over systems, each providing a distinct experience that I loved trying out for myself. My favorite brewing method is cold brew, and this is the cold brew system I use.
Cold Brew
Home coffee brewing has quickly become an enjoyable ritual. Brewing at home gives you a sense of control and personalization. It lets you personalize each cup to suit your preferences – such as choosing beans, grind size, water temperature, and method – contributing to its final flavor profile, creating unique works of art in every cup!

My Ideal Caffeine Comfort Solution: My Home Coffee Blend

Though I love exploring various brewing methods, one recipe brings comfort and pleasure: a concoction of instant coffee. I feel like a coffee snob, yet this concoction is my favorite.
I was turned into instant coffee by MamaD on TikTok. I never knew instant could be so good, but voila – like magic, it is delicious. Feel free to check her out for all her amazing recipes. Mine vary slightly to remain dairy-free and keto-friendly.
First – the coffee (espresso). This is my favorite by far, though I do use others if, for some reason, this isn’t available. Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso!
Cafe Bustelo
Mix one tablespoon (for me I use heaping) in water. The water does not need to be hot – in fact, I use cold since mine is always iced coffee. The key is to use only a little water. I use about a quarter cup with a heaping tablespoon in a small container with a cap – shake it until the grounds are all dissolved and the water is frothy.
Fill your cup with ice – I use a 40-ounce Simple Modern tumbler – in my opinion, that keeps ice far longer than the ever-popular Stanley (yes I have both). But use what you’d like – even a quart-size canning jar.
Simple modern tumbler
Pour your espresso mixture over the ice. Then I add Original Oatsome Oat Milk pretty much until the espresso is the color I expect it to be. Some people like their coffee dark, some lighter – I consider myself to be medium.
Oatsome Milk
Now, you could stop your iced coffee creation right there, but oh no. Let’s keep going.
It’s time to squirt in some Skinny Sauces Dark Chocolate Espresso and a squirt of Skinny Sauces Salted Caramel!
Skinny Sauces
Lastly, top it with non-dairy whipped cream – I use a coconut or almond spray whipped cream. It isn’t necessary, but I just love looking at its beauty.

More About Oatsome Milk

Oatsome milk provides an irresistibly creamy non-dairy alternative for their coffee enjoyment, without dairy, nuts, or other artificial ingredients compromising taste or texture. Crafted with organic oats for maximum creaminess. A perfect fit for lactose intolerance sufferers, those on restricted diets, or those looking for lactose-free options!
Oatsome Oat Milk’s rich consistency and flavor blend seamlessly into iced coffee, adding luxurious creaminess without guilt. Furthermore, its versatility allows it to be used in various recipes, including lattes, cereal, oatmeal, and baking, making Oatsome an all-round delicious option to consider as part of sustainable and ethical decisions – whether frothing your lattes for that perfect frothy finish or as dairy-free coffee creamer! So chill, shake, and enjoy Oatsome in your coffee today.

Conclusion: Finding Comfort with Caffeine Comfort

Discovering delicious coffee from home has opened my tastebuds to delicious coffee flavors and has become an indispensable daily source of comfort and delight. “Caffeine Comfort” goes beyond caffeine; it encapsulates all the comforting, and soothing an iced coffee can bring when prepared with care and enjoyed as part of daily routine. Coffee provides invigoration and calm respite from an otherwise hectic life; my home coffee recipe is a testament to this simple pleasure in our lives!

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