6 Travel Tips for Diabetics

6 Top tips for diabetics

As someone with diabetes, you need to take extra precautions when traveling to make sure you are healthy and safe during your trip. You’ll need to make sure your blood glucose and insulin levels remain stable for the duration of your trip, and there are a number of steps you can take to ensure this.

Below, we’ve covered some top tips for traveling as a diabetic, splitting them into before and during your trip.

Preparation Before Your Trip

Before you head off on your travels, you’ll need to perform the following preparatory steps.

1.  Get a medical check-up

You will need to schedule a pre-travel medical check-up with your doctor before you can safely travel. Your doctor will perform a variety of checks to ensure you are healthy enough to travel long distances and prescribe any necessary medications for you.

The doctor may offer advice on how to safely travel with insulin to prevent any mishaps. They can also provide a copy of your vaccination history and any medical notes you might need to travel with your medications.

2.  Get travel insurance

Everybody needs travel insurance when they’re planning a long journey, but it’s particularly important when you have a chronic medical condition like diabetes. You will need to arrange a travel insurance policy that offers coverage for your diabetes and any medications or treatments you might need.

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3.  Diabetes Management Steps During Your Trip

When you’re on the way to your destination, you can use the following strategies to manage your diabetes.

4.  Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly

You should take a portable blood glucose monitor with you on your travels so it’s available for you to check your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

It’s important to check your blood glucose around mealtimes so you can adjust your diet accordingly. Traveling can disrupt your usual diet and make managing your blood glucose levels challenging, so keeping a close eye on this health metric will be vital for your safety when traveling.

5.  Stay active during your trip

Exercise is essential for diabetes management. Staying physically active during your trip can help to regulate your blood sugar and blood insulin levels.

Make sure to stretch your legs during long periods of travel, such as when you’re driving or flying. During your trip, stay active with exercises you love, whether walking, hiking, or water sports.

6.  Carry your insulin and medical documents with you

You never know when you’ll need to administer insulin. When traveling and vacationing, you might eat high-sugar foods that mess up your blood glucose levels. Keeping insulin in your travel bag enables you to regulate your blood sugars and manage your condition.

It’s a good idea to carry any other prescription medications you regularly take during your travels. This reminds you to take them each day, even when you’re out of routine on vacation, to ensure you maintain optimal health.

You should also carry any medical document your doctor provided for you in case you need it to access healthcare services or emergency medical treatment while you’re away from home.

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