How to Renovate Your Space From Start to Finish

Renovation can be an exhausting journey, but with proper planning it can go more smoothly. Our renovation experts share their top tips to maximize your remodel experience and get you through it successfully.

Discover your primary renovation motivation. Whether that be creating more functional space or upgrading aesthetics for a future sale, knowing what motivates your renovation will help guide your decisions throughout the project.


Renovating an outdated or damaged kitchen can be one of the more complex projects to undertake, yet its results can often be very rewarding. Begin by visualizing your ideal space and gathering design inspiration; decide on must-have features vs. nice-to-haves before setting your budget accordingly.

Framing involves installing the physical structure of your kitchen, such as windows and doors. Consultation with contractors would be ideal since working with electricity and plumbing requires special knowledge. To stay safe during construction, turn off power before starting work; always cover floors with heavy-duty cardboard or plywood protection before beginning construction work.

Once framing is complete, install any required drywall. Even though painting won’t begin immediately afterward, adding a coat of primer helps seal off surfaces against potential nicks or scratches during appliance and cabinet installations.

Install energy-efficient doors and windows now to reduce heating and cooling costs, or combine window features with kitchen backsplashes or skylights to brighten the room while creating dramatic design elements – like installing floor-to-ceiling walls of windows above your sink offering natural light and gorgeous views while you cook!


Bathroom upgrades can have a dramatic impact in any home. From small updates to major remodels, there are plenty of things you can do to modernize this area of the house.

At first, you need to determine which projects can be completed without professional help and which need professional intervention. For instance, changing light bulbs or faucets is relatively easy and inexpensive while installing a new shower or moving a toilet will require trained assistance from an expert contractor.

Before hiring a contractor to renovate your home, make sure they’re licensed and insured as well as providing references from previous clients. Once hired, sit down together with them to discuss the scope of work – this will enable you to prioritize and prevent unexpected costs down the line.

As soon as your project begins, it is advisable to create an emergency fund in case any unexpected costs arise. Furthermore, have a plan in place if any materials cannot be easily located locally.

Consider that bathroom remodels can be extremely labor-intensive projects, even for relatively smaller bathrooms. If the walls aren’t yet drywalled, you will likely have to remove old wallpaper and cement board before adding new drywall and fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, replacing your current wiring with one capable of handling hairdryers and electric razors will likely also be required.

Living Rooms

Living rooms should be welcoming spaces where friends can gather or quiet time can be spent reading a good book; but if yours seems formal or cold, there are ways you can make it more inviting and comfortable.

Repainting the room with a more neutral hue will provide an effective balance to bold wall and furniture colors and pieces, creating a space that can easily be transformed through textures, colors and decorations.

Upgraded lighting is another simple way to transform a living room. Recessed lights that spotlight wall art or accent features can make a space seem larger while changing to cooler tone bulbs will provide more natural lighting and brighten up the room.

Windows and doors can make an immediate impactful statement about how your living room appears. Depending on the style of your home, new windows may add curb appeal or provide a focal point in a room; adding wide opening doors into the backyard makes your space feel even more connected with nature, ideal for families or entertaining guests.

Before shopping for new furniture, it’s advisable to measure the square footage of your living room. This will help ensure that it fits comfortably without creating any headaches in later.


Remodeling your bedroom can be an excellent way to turn an uninspiring sleep space into an inviting sanctuary. From changing up paint colors or furnishings, these ideas will help you reach your goals!

Selecting the ideal paint colors is an integral step of designing a bedroom space, not only because they contribute to its overall aesthetic but also because they set its mood. Try opting for light neutral hues if possible.

Wallpaper can add texture and visual interest, especially when used as an accent wall.

Pendant lights add a contemporary feel to bedrooms and offer a distinct aesthetic that complements other lighting fixtures.

Built-in storage is essential in bedrooms that do not offer walk-in closets. Installing shelves or cabinets to free up floor space for dressers and other furniture. Even without a budget for purchasing new pieces, table runners or chair covers can cover surface damage on existing pieces and help rejuvenate them.

In wrapping up, tackling a renovation project can significantly transform your space, making іt more aligned with your personal style and functional needs. Key decisions, from the aesthetics оf your living spaces tо practical upgrades іn your kitchens and bathrooms, all play pivotal roles іn crafting a home that’s truly yours. Incorporating Edmonton windows and doors replacement and installation not only enhances your home’s thermal efficiency and visual appeal but also represents a wise investment towards its overall value. Furthermore, understanding and applying innovative concepts like the article explaining the concept оf a window wall can revolutionize the way light and views are integrated into your home, merging the indoors with the outside world seamlessly. With thoughtful planning and a keen eye for design, your renovation project can bring tо life a space that іs not only visually stunning but deeply personal and efficient.

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