Get Creative with Your Bathroom: 7 DIY Upgrades

Tired of getting ready each morning in an outdated, uninspired bathroom? Luckily, it really only takes a little time and the willingness to get your hands dirty to get started on a few fun DIY projects that can seriously transform the space.

Redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a bunch of strangers banging around in your home for a month. You can achieve an amazing refresh with your own creativity, some effort, and only a few dollars. Here are some ideas to bring new life to your bathroom and make it more your own.

Floating shelves

Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves is an easy (and stylish) way to maximize your bathroom’s display and storage space. Putting up sleek, contemporary shelves can be super simple and offer ample extra space for storing your skincare products, or even creating a spa vibe with candles, plants, jars of bath salts, and other decorative bits and bobs.

You can use sanded-down wooden planks or custom clear plastic sheets and secure them with some simple brackets for a quick and easy bathroom upgrade.

Statement Wall

A statement wall is one of the simplest and most effective ways to completely transform your bathroom on a budget. Bold wallpaper or wall stickers, a striking new paint color, or even an ornate tile pattern can help you get there within just a day or two!

Pick a wall that serves as a focal point, such as the one behind your bathtub or mirror, and bring it to life. A statement wall is usually bolder and busier than the other walls in a room – so you can stick with more neutral tones throughout the rest of the room.

DIY Flooring Upgrade

Another massive transformation you can make with very little money or effort is a DIY bathroom floor upgrade. Look into options like peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, or the more luxurious vinyl planks that make it look like you have fancy hardwood flooring in your bathroom. These options are super easy to install and last a really long time.

You can also incorporate rugs or bath mats in complementary (or contrasting!) colors and textures to add a few extra layer of interest to the room.

DIY Vanity Makeover

You can also give your bathroom vanity a whole new look without having to replace the entire thing. Painting the vanity a different color or refinishing it to help revive its original charm can really help give your bathroom a fresher look.

For a quick and reasonably priced upgrade, swap out outdated hardware for more stylish knobs or handles. You can add under-cabinet lighting and a new, more decorative mirror to liven up the space even more.

Custom Storage Solutions

Storage doesn’t always have to be completely practical. Like the floating shelves, you can add other stylish storage solutions to your bathroom to liven it up and also reduce the clutter that might build up on your sink or vanity.

Add vertical storage, baskets and bins, and hooks or rails to your walls and counter surfaces. This will help you keep things neat and add additional space to add some décor and other items that will personalize and freshen up the space.

Creative Lighting

There’s not much worse than a poorly lit bathroom. You can upgrade the lighting to make the space feel brighter, more inviting, and more functional for those getting-ready moments.

You can install dimmer switches if you want to be able to adjust the brightness, swap out older fixtures for more energy-efficient LED ones, and incorporate task lighting around your vanity area. For a more modern or stylish look, think about adding pendant lights or even a luxurious chandelier to hang from the ceiling.

DIY Artwork and Décor

Your bathroom is obviously a pretty personal space, and you should make it feel that way! Personalized décor is a great way to make the space feel more like your own.

Personalized wall hangings, framed posters, and canvases featuring your own interests and personal style are a simple way to do this. Consider picking a theme for your bathroom that makes you feel welcome and comfortable there, such as a coastal vibe, or something super modern and sophisticated.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, updating your bathroom yourself for a reasonable price isn’t all that hard to do.

With a little creativity, a small budget, and some free time on your hands, you can make some significant changes, many of which are even renter-friendly. Get your hands buys and enjoy the process!

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