Why Forest Memorials Are the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Tribute

When someone we love leaves us, we usually remember them in special ways, mostly tombstones with a heartfelt message in a cemetery. But have you ever thought about doing something different, something that helps the Earth? That’s where forest memorials come in. 

Instead of taking from the Earth, we could give back to it, even when we’re remembering someone special. Forest memorials are about saying “thank you” to the Earth by planting a tree that cleans the air and gives homes to animals. Isn’t that a cool way to remember someone?

This idea might sound new and maybe a bit strange, but it’s a beautiful way to keep the memory of our loved ones alive. By choosing a forest memorial, we’re not just saying goodbye; we’re also doing something amazing for our planet. In this blog, we’re going to learn all about how forest memorials work and why they’re such a great choice. Ready to find out more about this awesome way to remember someone and help the Earth at the same time? Let’s jump into it!


Understanding Forest Memorials

Forest memorials are a special way to remember someone who has passed away by planting trees or creating a small forest in their honor. Instead of having a regular grave or a tombstone, the person’s memory lives on through the trees that grow tall and strong, just like a living reminder of them.

When someone chooses a forest memorial, they pick a specific place in a forest where a tree will be planted for their loved one. Sometimes, a small amount of the person’s ashes can be mixed into the soil where the tree is planted, aiding growth. This way, the tree represents the person, and as it grows, it helps the forest become healthier and more beautiful. 

Choosing a forest memorial starts with finding a forest that allows this kind of tribute. You can pick the type of tree you think best represents your loved one, like an oak tree that stands strong or a maple tree that changes beautifully with the seasons. Then, you decide exactly where in the forest the tree will go. It’s a way to say goodbye that also helps the Earth, giving life to a new tree while keeping the memory of someone special alive.

Environmental Benefits

Creating a healthier planet: Forests are Earth’s lungs; they breathe in the bad air (carbon dioxide) and breathe out good air (oxygen) that we need to stay healthy. So, when we add more trees by choosing forest memorials, we’re helping make our planet healthier and happier. It’s like planting a new friend for the earth every time we want to remember someone special.

Having a bigger ecosystem for animals:  These forest spots keep the homes of many animals safe and sound. Animals like birds, squirrels, and even deer need the forest to live, find food, and raise their families. By making the forest bigger, we’re giving these animals more space to live and play. 

Ensuring cleaner surroundings: Traditional memorials, like big stone monuments or certain types of burials, can make the earth a bit dirtier. But with forest memorials, we’re doing the opposite; we’re cleaning the air and making the earth a nicer place. It’s like choosing to clean up trash in the park instead of leaving it there. 

So, forest memorials are a smart choice for remembering someone in a way that helps our planet smile.

Personal and Social Benefits

Spending time in a forest or a park makes us feel good, right? That’s because being outdoors and around trees and nature is like a natural happiness booster. Forest memorials make us want to go outside more, to walk, to breathe fresh air, and to feel the sun. It’s like when you go on an adventure in the woods, looking for the tallest tree or the coolest bug. These adventures make us feel closer to the earth and to each other. Plus, it’s really fun!

And, forests are very peaceful places. Have you ever sat under a tree and just listened? You can hear the wind, the birds, and sometimes a distant squirrel. It’s very quiet and calming, almost like the forest is telling you it’s okay to be sad, happy, or anything in between.

When we remember someone in a forest, we give ourselves a peaceful spot to think about them, talk to them in our hearts, and feel that they’re not really that far away. It’s a special way to keep their story going, surrounded by the calm and beauty of nature.

Comparing Traditional and Eco-Friendly Memorials

Traditional methods usually involve embalming the body with chemicals, placing it in a big box called a casket, and sometimes adding a large stone called a monument. These steps can hurt the Earth because the chemicals get into the ground, and making the boxes and stones demands a lot of resources.

Now, think about eco-friendly memorials, like planting a tree for someone you want to remember. This is different because it helps the Earth. Instead of using chemicals and resources for boxes and stones, a tree is planted. As the tree grows, it makes the air cleaner, provides homes for animals, and doesn’t harm the ground.

Also, having a tree or a special place in the forest as a memorial can make us feel good in a different way. It’s peaceful to be in nature, and it feels nice to know a tree is growing strong because of someone we loved. Plus, planting a tree or creating a green space doesn’t cost as much over time as traditional methods. So, by choosing an eco-friendly way to remember someone, we’re helping the planet and saving money, while also making a special place that can make us and others feel peaceful and happy.

How to Choose a Forest Memorial

Choosing a forest memorial is like picking a spot for your very own secret tree fort, but this one is to remember someone special who isn’t with us anymore. It’s a way to say “thank you” and “we remember you” by planting a tree or choosing a spot in a forest.

First, think about where you want the tree. It should be a place that meant something to the person or somewhere you and others can visit. Maybe it’s near a lake where they loved to fish or in a peaceful forest where birds sing.

Second, pick the type of tree. Do you want one that grows tall and strong, like an oak, or one that has pretty flowers, like a dogwood? The tree should be something that can live in the place you’ve chosen and reminds you of the person you’re remembering.

Last, there are a few mature and practical factors to consider, such as making sure it’s okay to plant a tree there. Sometimes, there are rules about what can be planted and where. It’s like asking for permission before building something in someone else’s yard. You might need to talk to people who take care of the land or look up the rules to make sure everything is okay.

Picking a forest memorial is a special way to remember someone by adding more beauty to the world. Just remember to think about the best spot, choose a tree that feels right, and check the rules to make sure it’s all good.


In our story about forest memorials, we learned they are a cool way to remember someone we love in a way that’s good for our planet. Instead of using stones or other stuff that doesn’t help the earth, we plant trees or use forests to remember someone. This is super because trees are awesome! They clean our air, give homes to animals, and make our world a prettier place.

Forest memorials are like saying a big “thank you” to the earth and the person we’re remembering. It’s like creating a living memory that grows stronger and taller with time. Imagine having a forest full of memories that also helps foxes, birds, and bugs have a home. Plus, it’s a way to make sure our planet stays happy and green for more kids to enjoy.

So, think about it. When we want to remember someone in a special way, why not pick something that’s good for the earth? It’s like giving a gift to the future while keeping our loved ones’ memories alive. Next time we think of a way to remember someone, let’s think about how we can help the earth too. It’s a way to make sure our love and care keep making the world a better place.


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