4 Efficient Solutions That PWAs Have to Offer Your ECommerce or Business Website

Have you ever wondered how you could make your eCommerce or business website more efficient? Sure, having a website alone is a great start, but smart decisions like using PWAs on your eCommerce or business page can make a huge difference.

PWAs stand for progressive web applications, and they function as if they were mobile apps on a regular website. Popular PWA websites include Uber, Spotify, Starbucks, Pinterest, Instagram, MakeMyTrip, Twitter, Google Maps, and Forbes. PWAs bring the best of both worlds when it comes to the enticing features included in websites and mobile apps.

PWAs offer many efficient solutions to your eCommerce or business webpage. Here are 4 of them to consider if you haven’t introduced PWAs to your website yet.

  • PWAs Boost Conversions By Up to 50%

According to Medium.com, PWAs boost conversions by up to 50%. That is an incredible and efficient solution to improving conversion rates on your eCommerce or business website. Whether you have an email signup, a registration for a newsletter, a demo request, a completed form, or a purchase, your chances of having your desired conversion rates are substantially increased than if you were to leave your website alone without the use of any PWAs.

  • Your Website Will Target More Smartphone Mobile Users

How often do you find yourself glued to your phone, whether it’s to check an anticipated text or because you simply sense you need to do a quick Google search? HarmonyHit.com has found in a new survey that the average American spends an astonishing 4 hours and 37 minutes on their phones every day. While that is a lot of screen time, it’s also valuable screen time that can be dedicated toward the visibility and retention of your eCommerce or business website. You could even extend your website visibility across the entire world, with international sales being made thanks to your investment in PWAs.

  • You’ll Enjoy Increased Retention Rates

Along with gaining more website exposure through mobile devices, you’ll enjoy the increased retention rates that PWAs have to offer. How do PWAs offer this desirable solution? Since PWAs function like mobile apps, they help to reduce bounce rates because they load in under 2 seconds. Because of this, visitors to your website will also feel like you’re a trustworthy brand. Hiring a PWA development company USA is one of the best ways to accomplish the successful implementation of PWAs onto your website, all while helping you to gain more conversions, increase visibility, reach more smartphone mobile users, and reduce bounce rates. You’ll thoroughly enjoy increased retention rates, and this is a solution many businesses search for when it comes to their digital needs.

  • PWAs Help Your Website Stand Out

If you’re looking for a great way to stand out in your business, transitioning to a PWA-based website is a wonderful way to rise above your competition. Not as many webpages are using PWAs as you might think, so embracing this incredible technological advance to websites is a great idea.

These are only 4 out of many reasons why PWAs offer efficient solutions to your eCommerce or business website. If you’re looking for a positive change, PWAs might be the answer!

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