How Can You Make Money While Travelling The World?

Travelling is an exciting but expensive hobby. While you’re off exploring the world, it’s sometimes necessary to make some extra money to fund your adventures. In 2022 alone, 62 percent of Europeans set off on at least one tourism trip, however many turned to digital nomadism to extend their travels indefinitely.

If you’re looking to try your hand at a short-term side hustle to make the most of your travel budget, this guide can help.

Why Work When Travelling?

Remote working is all the rage right now. You get to ditch the restrictive nine-to-five grind and work from anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection. This is all so you can make some extra money on a schedule that suits you to travel for longer and further.

There is an upward trend in travellers turning to remote work, which is why many countries now offer digital nomad visas.


If you have experience in graphic design, web development and translating, you can leverage your skills by becoming a freelancer. There are many platforms online that connect freelancers to clients across the globe so you’re free to pick projects that suit your expertise and rates.

When it comes to freelancing, a detailed portfolio and strong online presence are key to building a client base.

Trading and Investing

Remote trading and investing can be a lucrative option for those who are financially savvy and have a foundational knowledge of how the stock market works. Online apps and platforms mean you can manage your investment portfolio from anywhere in the world and track changes in real time.

The trading platform, Tradu, gives you access to multiple global markets so you can stay on top of global financial trends and keep your portfolio all in one place.

Social Media Management

If you have a good understanding of social media, jump on the opportunity to turn your travel experiences into money. Many hostels, tourism boards and travel brand companies use external companies to create, schedule and manage their social media pages.

You can visit businesses directly whilst on your travels or let your work speak for itself and organically connect you to new clients.


Travelling is packed full of new and exciting experiences that people at home love to read about. Start filming your journey and build a travel blog/vlog that shares your stunning photos and insider tips that can help fellow explorers enjoy their own adventures.

Becoming a travel blogger or influencer can pay well too, in both perks and income. It takes a lot of dedication and patience but you could end up being paid to do something you love.

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