Expert Tips for Long-lasting Floral Arrangement

Getting a floral arrangement or DIY one for yourself has been a popular way to adorn the interior of your home along with admiring the astonishing beauty of nature. As a local florist Brampton, we often come across questions from our customers about the ways they can prevent the wilting of the flowers for a considerable time. If these questions, pop into your mind too, you are on the right page. This article contains the expert tips for a long-lasting floral arrangement that you were searching for.

How to Make Flower Arrangements Last Longer

Here is what you can do to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

Prepare a Squeaky-Clean Vase

Your flower vessel is the central part of your bouquet so ensure that it is in the best condition. Wash it with soap and clean water followed by air drying. Avoid using paper towels as they can again contaminate the vase. Fill it with lukewarm water as flowers uptake warm water better than cold. Add a packet of commercial flower food containing essential nutrients, antimicrobial agents, and pH acidifiers so your flowers stay fresh longer.

Remove Foliage

Make sure that the part of the stem that is going to be dipped in the water is clean and free of any foliage. These leaves, if not removed beforehand, can rot in water and provide excellent nutrients to facilitate the growth of bacteria and other microbes which in turn damage the flowers by clogging the xylems which ultimately means no water uptake and dead flowers.

Trim the Stems

The next step is to trim the stems of all the flowers to remove the dead ends. We recommend using a sharp knife or cutter instead of dull ones that will cause even more damage. Experts have seen that the stems cut at the tilted angle take up more water and stay fresh longer so go for it rather than making a 180o cut.

Condition the Flowers

This step is a part of flower care before arranging them into your desired bouquet so you can condition them for super hydration for a bouquet that stays longer. Get a bucket of warm water supplemented with flower food. Submerge the flowers (only the stem) in the water overnight while keeping them in a dark humid place.

Keep them Cool

The ideal condition to store flowers, as many florists do, is to keep them at low temperatures with a relative humidity of at least 90%. However, these conditions are impossible to achieve in the normal household. So, for such indoor conditions, keep the vase in a cool dry place while saving them from the direct sunlight to promote longevity.

Refresh the Water

The freshness of flowers is dependent on the quality and quantity of clean water they uptake. At the start, you may observe a frequent decrease in water level for the first couple of days. Make it to the required volume. As time passes, the water starts to turn cloudy because of the chemical release, so refresh the water and add the flower food too.

Edit as Needed

You may need to edit your flower arrangement occasionally. Sometimes, some flowers with a shorter lifespan get wilted and dry out, you have to remove them, or the dry foliage so the bouquet remains as fresh as it was before. If the bouquet size starts to decrease gradually, you may need to shift them into a smaller vase to maintain a tidy look.

Final Words

In conclusion, several flower care tips keep your flowers fresh and blooming for longer. You need to ensure the provision of adequate water and nutrients to the flowers by keeping them in the appropriate conditions. If you still face any issues in Brampton local florist visit will be the right option to find a solution.

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