Embracing ‘Me Time’ As You Travel

Traveling for work, and even sometimes for pleasure can seem like a drag when you know you’ve got extended amounts of time in transit with little to do. However, a change of attitude can transform travel into some much-needed ‘me time.’ Some time in which to indulge yourself and not feel guilty about it. Read on to find out how. 

Take a rest 

One of the best ways to turn a boring and long journey into some well-deserved time is to use it to rest. To do this successfully in what is essentially a public space such as a bus, plane or train there are a few things you’ll need. The first of these is some great headphones. If the sounds of the vehicle’s engines are what will bother you, go for noise-canceling headphones. However, if you are aiming to block out the noise of other people talking then noise-isolating headphones are a better choice. 

Also investing in a neck pillow for travel, and even an eye mask to help you nap even during the day can vastly increase your comfort. 

Indulge in some crafting 

To avoid crafters, any time spent traveling can be used to work on their latest project. Some crafts in particular lend themselves to being done on the go including urban sketching, crocheting and knitting. However, if you plan to travel by plane do check the restrictions on what you can take into the cabin as many airlines no longer allow crochet or knitting needles. 

Do some puzzles 

The reason why so many shops at train stations and airports sell puzzle books like sudoku, crosswords, and word searches along with newspapers and magazines is that they are the perfect entertainment for me during a journey. Don’t panic if you forgot to stock up on puzzle books before your journey as you can access sudoku games for free online. All you will need is an internet connection, and you can get this for a low price on most forms of public transport now. 

Catch up on your reading 

I’m not talking about work related-reading here, but instead, something that truly nourishes your soul whether that’s the latest release from your favorite author, a pulp fiction thriller, or even a romance novel. The only rule here is that you should choose your reading materials for pleasure! 

Reading is a particularly great option for those traveling because you can fit a book easily into your backpack or cabin luggage, and you won’t need to worry about it losing power and switching off halfway through your journey. 

For those who are driving during their travels, audiobooks make a great alternative, and you’ll get to hear some world-class narrators and in some cases, entire casts of actors read the story to you. 

Listen to your favorite podcasts 

Imagine having hours to binge on your favorite podcasts without anyone interrupting you and asking you for things. Well, that is precisely the experience you can have when traveling if you choose. Of course, you may have the odd interruption when your flight attendant asks you whether you’d like another glass of wine, but I’m guessing you’re probably going to be ok with that one! 

Watch your favorite films and shows 

Uninterrupted time to watch your favorite movies and shows is another way you can transform your tiresome journey into some glorious me time! I know people who save up their latest watch choices unstill they have a long-distance journey to complete, as they know it’s the only time they’ll get that will be free of interruptions and demands made on them by others. 

Just be sure to download any media you want to watch to your laptop, tablet or phone before you leave. Then you’ll be able to play it back whether you have an internet connection or not. 

Treat yourself 

The level of treats you can provide to yourself as you travel will depend on the type of transport you are using. On a bus, you might be limited to a magazine and some tasty snacks. On a train, you might be able to upgrade your seat to first class and even get a sit-down meal. Then there is a level of treating yourself that you can get on a plane. On some even first class is not the highest option with business class including beds, 5-star meals and privacy all being included. 

Yes, your budget might take a hit if you choose this option, but isn’t it worth it even just very occasionally for some uninterrupted time?


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