Loving National Pizza Month With Mama Mary’s® Pizza Crusts and Shepherds Pizza Pie!!

  Well Saturday is movie night in our house and that almost always means PIZZA!  But to make it even more exciting, October is National Pizza Month.  Last year I was on TV for National Pizza Month – I take my pizza very seriously.   For this recipe I am using Mama Mary’s® Pizza Crusts, Cabot®.. [Read More]

Enjoying Our Winter Evenings With SOS Vegetarian Chili

Wow it has been just so incredibly cold here for what seems like an eternity.  The kids have cabin fever – they aren’t getting outside at home and they aren’t getting outside at school.   There are mounds of snow in our backyard two stories high and they whine and whine about wanting to go sledding.. [Read More]

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions – Perfect for Healthy Eating

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions is perfect for healthy eating while at the same time it is absolutely delicious.  I love Italian flavored turkey and tend to favor Johnsonville brands.  This is not a sponsored post but that brand is my favorite.  The sausage is available in mild and hot.  I never choose hot – although.. [Read More]