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    Dog face ornament

    I have shown you how to make a dalmatian ornament already – but what if you don’t want a dalmatian?  Well, we tried to make a weimaraner and I think it could double as just about any brown dog.We took a brown section of fabric (you could probably even use a sock if you like) and wrapped it around a styrofoam ball, tying it at the bottom with a ribbon; light brown felt for the ears; 2 larger size pom poms in light brown with one small dark brown pom pom to make the snout; a piece of red felt for the tongue and of course the googly eyes. 

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    Dalmatian ornaments

    We have several of these ornaments on our tree.The first one was made with one of those inexpensive white thread covered plastic ornaments.  Simply glue circles of black felt as spots throughout; cut the ears out of white felt; glue two googly eyes on; a small black pom pom as a nose and a small piece of red felt as a tongue. The next ones were made with a white styrofoam ball; same felt spots and ears; a little red ribbon on its head; two larger white pom poms and a small black pom pom as the face.

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    Hooded towels for the Beach

    A couple years ago I made my kids some hooded towels.  However, they managed to grow about eight inches in a year so those quickly became too small.  This year I have made them brand new ones.   First you need a towel the size you wish to have.  I purchased two inexpensive bath sheets from Ocean State Job Lot.  I purchased on orange sheet (Anthony) and one cream colored (Sephora).   Then you need a smaller, hand towel or slightly larger sized towel.  Since you only use half of that towel for each hooded towel – I needed to purchase something that could be used with an orange base as well…

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    The Hooded Cape

    This cape is different from the others.  It is not the circular cut style – it is a rectangular cut with the addition of a hood.  It is also not lined.  It is made with corduroy as a fabric – I wouldn’t use that fabric choice again but she likes it. I share my projects at some great link parties. You can see them all HERE

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    Custom Butterfly Notepad

    Did I ever tell you I am addicted to a couple things?  I know I have told you about Starbuck’s Frappuccinos; then there is diet coke to a lesser degree.  But, notepads and pens are a whole different obsession.  I found a plain pink canvas notebook at Staples on clearance.  It was a great price so I bought two of them (the only two they had – thank Goodness I didn’t need to rely on myself for restraint).  But once I got them home they seemed a little Blah.  They were cute and all, but would I actually use them?  Probably not.  They were wide ruled and I like college…

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    Easy PJs

    Although I do sometimes follow a pattern for pajamas – that just seems so time consuming when it comes to my kids.  They grow out of them so far so perfection is not high on my list of priorities.  This is a pair of pajamas I made for my son – he is a size 14 and it took 2 yards of fleece fabric.  Always the silly poses… First I folded the fabric with wrong sides out.  Then I laid a pair of shorts (folded in half) down on the fabric.  I simply cut around them – about two inches out.  I wanted them to be longer than shorts so…

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    The ReUpholstered Hassock

    Remember this: Well, when I reupholstered this we did not have puppies in the house and I only used a thin quilting fabric.  That was more than sufficient for normal human use. But now we have two year old dogs – one who weighs at least 160 (Enlish Mastiff) and one who weighs at least 90 (Newfoundland).  This hassock is used by me and our Newfoundland has decided that it is a dog seat.  Whenever I sit in my chair she climbs up on this hassock and waits for attention.  And let me tell you it is a tight fit for her big toukis to sit on this hassock but…

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    A Scarf For Me

    I make alot of scarfs for my daughter or other family members and seldom make one for me.  Since the kids were with my inlaws tonight I had an hour to kill!  I whipped up a scarf tonight – FOR ME!  I picked up this fabric at Affordable Fabrics a while back and although I had big plans for it – I never managed to find the time to do that project.  So now I switched gears and here it is.  I simply cut three feet of fabric, keeping it at it’s total width.  It is a very thin fabric so I really wanted the width to make it a…

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    Another Tshirt Scarf

    Today I will show you how to make this tshirt scarf.  I previously wrote a post on another version HERE . For this one I used a children’s tshirt that I picked up at the Thrift Store for $.25.  Begin by cutting off the top of the tshirt.  Basically, cut from beneath the armpit straight across to beneath the other armpit.Then, remove the hem at the bottom of the tshirt. The next step is the step that makes it look like multiple necklaces.  Start cutting one inch strips in the tshirt but do not cut all the way through the entire length.  Stop with about two inches left to remain…

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    The very long circular scarf

    I am in the mood for scarves lately.  This one I cut about 7 feet long and simply cut the width (as it is naturally off the bolt) in half.  I sewed the full length with right sides together – basically making a long tube.  Then I brought it back to work on the floor and pulled it through itself – making it right side out. I needed to sew the tube shut in a full circle.  I folded the edges into one end and stuck the other end into it – pinned it then sewed. Then it was done.  I can wear it as a double loop or triple…