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Halloween Ideas and Projects 1

Halloween Ideas and Projects

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Halloween At The Campground 2012 0

Halloween At The Campground 2012

The campground has a major Halloween celebration every year.  Most campers go all out with their campers, sites, decorations and costumes.  Some plan years in advance for what the theme will be at any...

Carve a Pumpkin With Cookie Cutters 0

Carve a Pumpkin With Cookie Cutters

There are several different versions of this floating around Pinterest but this is how we did it.  I love the cookie cutters with the rubber handles.  They are large and very useful.  I posted...

Halloween Dress 2012 2

Halloween Dress 2012

Last year I made Sephora a candy corn dress for the Halloween season.  This year I made this: I started with this shirt from Walmart – it had long sleeves and was a junior...

Glow Jar 7

Glow Jar

We save every jar we come across and can always come up with a use for it.  Additionally, we always have a ton of glow sticks on hand due to all the camping we...

The Colorful Graveyard 1

The Colorful Graveyard

We have quite a bit of old lumber lying around at our house from when we built the addition.  Some of it really needs to be burned but some of we have managed to...

Oreo Flowers 3

Oreo Flowers

Today we will be making Halloween Oreo Flowers!  This was a project that my six year old was able to assist with. Oreos were placed on jumbo popsicle sticks by my daughter Fill a...

Boo 2


The Boo pumpkins Simply carve three pumpkins with bubble letters and place tealights inside.  Very easy but a very clear statement. Monday Skip To My Lou  Craftomaniac  Crafts Keep Me Sane  The Girl Creative Todays...

Candy Corn Bracelet 4

Candy Corn Bracelet

Whipped up a candy corn bracelet with tshirt remnants from the Candy Corn Dress here.  Make Tshirt Yarn (instructions here and here) Tie an end; braid it; tie the other end off Her candy corn...

Halloween Wreath 2

Halloween Wreath

This is an easy wreath to make for Halloween.  You just need a styrofoam wreath form and some black ribbon.  We also used gold ribbon to hang the wreath.  Wrap the styrofoam form securely...