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Photo a Day 03/10/13 0

Photo a Day 03/10/13

Scout Sunday 03/10/13 I do not display clear faces of other children (they are blurred) I am not sure why she is covering her tummy like that – I think she is beginning to...

Photo a Day 03/01/13 4

Photo a Day 03/01/13

This is Chewbacca Bayley.  People ask me all the time if she is male or female.  I say female.  Then they question the name Chewbacca because that does seem like it would be a...

Are You A Smoker? 0

Are You A Smoker?

I am not a smoker but certainly grew up in a family that does. When I was a child I used to help my father roll his own cigarettes.  I was young so I...

The Musical Travels of the Nagels 1

The Musical Travels of the Nagels

When my stepsons were young I wanted to get them into an instrument I thought they would enjoy.  We chose guitar and I attended guitar lessons with them.  I LOVED the quality time I...

Photo a Day 02/25/13 2

Photo a Day 02/25/13

George Strait and Martina McBride Cowboy Rides Away Tour XL Center – Hartford CT  02/23/13 My husband and I never go out – ever.  If we get a sitter for anything it is only...

5 Of My Passions in Life 1

5 Of My Passions in Life

My Passion A List of Five (or so) ONE – When I think about my passions of course the very top of the list is God, family and pets.  All of the living relationships...

Photo a Day 02/20/13 1

Photo a Day 02/20/13

She is now so large that Sephora can barely wrap her arms all the way around her head.  Chewy has to live with that much affection.

Weighted Therapy Products – Still Helping Our Kids 1

Weighted Therapy Products – Still Helping Our Kids

SensaCalm is the “home of the original affordable weighted blanket.  They make therapeutic products for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Restless Legs Syndrome, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimers, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and more.Our daughter (age 8)...

Oreos MEGA 0

Oreos MEGA

So who likes Oreos here? I am not a huge fan of chocolate.  But (and this goes back a way) Oreos came out with double stuffed oreos.  That was a huge improvement – but...