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Dealing with Leash Aggression: Tips and Techniques

Walking your dog should be one of the most joyful and bonding experiences you share, a time of exploration and freedom for your four-legged companion. Unfortunately, leash aggression can turn these blissful moments into stressful confrontations, impacting not just the quality of the walk, but also the well-being of your pet and those around you… [Read More]

Top 4 Pet Products Every Dog Owner Must Have

Top 4 Pet Products Every Dog Owner Must Have

This article may contain affiliate links leading to a commission for TheStuffofSuccess Congratulations on welcoming a dog to your home! Whether you’ve brought home a playful puppy or an older dog, this is an exciting and heartwarming time. Now that your new best friend is here, you might wonder, what do you need to ensure.. [Read More]

5 Tips To Care For An Aging Pet

aging pet

Do you have an aging pet that needs help? No matter what type of pet you have, they will eventually reach a time in their life when they need a little extra attention. Elderly dogs and cats can be quite frail and sensitive. They can also develop health issues you might not immediately associate with.. [Read More]

9 Best Family-Friendly Pets

We keep pets for many reasons. Some people keep pets for protection, some because they are beautiful to look at, and others because they love how a pet purrs or cuddles up next to them. If you ask anthrozoologist John Bradshaw, he’ll tell you it’s because pet-keeping is an innate part of human nature rooted.. [Read More]

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

How Should You Care for a Borzoi Breed Dog?

Borzoi dogs are distinguished by their tall, lean bodies, long, narrow heads, and silky coats that symbolize the breed’s elegance. Borzois carry themselves with dignity, and one can easily imagine them snoozing in the palaces of Russian tsars or chasing down wolves in the countryside. Borzois aren’t high maintenance, but they indeed require your attention… [Read More]

Aiiyme Dog Dryer And Xena Lee #aiiyme #aiiymedoggrooming #aiiymedogdryer

Aiiyme Dog Dryer And Xena Lee

OMG, my dog loves her spa days. What do her spa days involve? First, we start by vacuuming her. Yes, you read that right. She is a Newfoundland and sheds like crazy. The easiest way to stay on top of all that hair and shedding is to vacuum it up directly at the source. Trust.. [Read More]

How To Bond With A Pet Snake

How To Bond With A Pet Snake

There are a lot of great things to be said about keeping reptiles as pets. They’re beautiful, unique, and fun to keep around. Most importantly, reptiles are low maintenance. (like those who travel frequently for work, have irregular or unpredictable schedules, or simply aren’t up to the many needs of traditional pets). One of the.. [Read More]

6 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Happy And Healthy

Taking good care of our pets is a relatively full-time job and dogs need lots of attention and care. These animals are sociable ones and having a pack mentality denied to them can be wholly damaging to their psyche. As well as this, there are lots of ways in which you could be harming your.. [Read More]

ALLYGOODS Dog Plunger – Clean Paws!

Allygoods Dog Plunger - Clean Paws!

There are many types of dirt and grime that can affect your dirty dog’s paws. This might include mud from the street, fallen leaves, and much more. The reason these types of materials can end up on your beloved pet’s paws is that they are so dirty. They are constantly exposed to the elements, and.. [Read More]