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RFID Credit Cards – Important 0

RFID Credit Cards – Important

There is an email going around regarding RFID credit cards.  I had no idea what that was but now that I know – I am very concerned.  RFID credit cards are cards with a...

Anthony’s Creation – A Metal Snake 0

Anthony’s Creation – A Metal Snake

Anthony loves to watch Craft Wars.  In a recent episode he watched them make a metal snake (I believe out of empty cans).  I did not see the episode but he told me all...

A Necklace for My Girl 1

A Necklace for My Girl

I actually intended to make this necklace for myself but I didn’t have enough of some of the beads to make it long enough.  No problem – it is now a new necklace for...

Pinterest Pride 0

Pinterest Pride

From my Board – Stuff too cool not to save!  Seriously! Double Rocker Source Rain Shower Source Stairs/Slide Source Triple Beds Source Hidden Water Pools Source

Washer Necklace 1

Washer Necklace

I have been experimenting with metal punches.  This was for Sephora’s birthday.  I used two different sized washers, ribbon, a pandora knockoff charm and a spacer charm.  I share my projects at some great...

Metal Blank Necklace 3

Metal Blank Necklace

This is another necklace I made for my daughter’s birthday.  I used a metal blank (purchased from a craft store), a ball chain, and 4 Pandora knockoff beads.  The metal blank is much easier...

Tonight – Practical Project 3

Tonight – Practical Project

Well, it’s official – the camper is in!  It will be delivered to our site on Thursday.  Out with the old (if 2010 is old) – in with the new 2012.  With two kids...

My new e-book on Amazon for Kindle 0

My new e-book on Amazon for Kindle

I am officially on Amazon with an e-book for Kindle.  It can be found here:  Consumerism Guide: Your All In One Guide To Coupons, Deals And Freebies . It retails for $4.99 but a link...