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Rockin With Rita – Makin’ Candies 0

Rockin With Rita – Makin’ Candies

This post is a contribution from my mother in law.  She has been working so hard making candies for her brother.  The tractors and cows are my favorites. Which are yours?

Lipton Soup Upcycle 1

Lipton Soup Upcycle

I love Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup.  But I especially love making it into something more substantial. Take two packages (one box) of Lipton chicken noodle soup mix and make it according to the package...

Yummy Healthy Soup 1

Yummy Healthy Soup

This recipe came from a friend of mine and this is the name she gave to it – and it fits. The recipe calls for just five ingredients – But my batch skipped one...

Keep an Apple From Browning 2

Keep an Apple From Browning

My daughter loves apples at lunch time (school) but also wants them cored and cut – which I am obviously not at school to help her with.  So I core/cut them at home, wrap...

Seph’s Stromboli 0

Seph’s Stromboli

Sephora may be little but she has huge desires.  One of the things she does almost all by herself is make stromboli.  We do buy the dough for her so all she has to...

Donut hole to cake ball 1

Donut hole to cake ball

Really want some cake balls but don’t have the time to make them?  Simply purchase some donut holes and cover in your favorite chocolate. These are glazed cherry donuts – turned cake balls. I...

Healthy Breakfast Solution 0

Healthy Breakfast Solution

In my neverending quest to find healthy low fat food that I actually like – This is my morning breakfast. Simply this italian seasoned ground turkey by Shady Brook Farms. Brown that up and...

Cake Balls 1

Cake Balls

I recently bought this… So today was the day to make them.  First, you don’t just use cake mix.  The instructions say to use a box of cake mix with one more egg than...

Soda Muffins 11

Soda Muffins

There are so many ways to make use of cake mix.  Today’s recipe is for soda muffins.  First you need a box of cake mix – I used Confetti cake mix from Aldi’s (knock...

Make Raw Veggies Last Longer 0

Make Raw Veggies Last Longer

I tend to buy pre-made salad mixes but often I don’t get to the bottom of the bags without the mix wilting or rotting.  I finally found a very easy solution for this problem. ...