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Sundays With Sephora – Sweater Sleeve Becomes a Hat 1

Sundays With Sephora – Sweater Sleeve Becomes a Hat

Sephora is learning how to sew but more importantly she is designing her own “stuff”.  There is a huge amount of stuff in my craft/sewing room for her to choose from – see the...

Don’t Throw Out Those Sheets 0

Don’t Throw Out Those Sheets

I love sheets – whenever I see sheets on clearance that are not just solid prints I pick them up.  There are so many things you can use sheets for.  Today – I am...

Blanket for New Puppy 0

Blanket for New Puppy

And the next blanket… For a brand spanken new puppy. Double layer of fleece with finished edges.  Isn’t it so cute?  I hope the new puppy loves it.

Easy Baby Blankets 3

Easy Baby Blankets

I made a bunch of baby blankets with just fleece.  I would have crocheted – but fast as I am they still take a long time and sadly, I just don’t have alot of...

Christmas Dress 2012 0

Christmas Dress 2012

This holiday season’s dress is Hello Kitty. I purchased a Hello Kitty Junior sized long sleeve shirt and a red turtleneck shirt. First, I shortened the sleeves on the Hello Kitty shirt – they...

Halloween Dress 2012 2

Halloween Dress 2012

Last year I made Sephora a candy corn dress for the Halloween season.  This year I made this: I started with this shirt from Walmart – it had long sleeves and was a junior...

Another Dog Cushion 1

Another Dog Cushion

A new dog bed for Chewy… Having a Newfoundland and English Mastiff present some challenges.  They are now two years old and still continue to rip any and every pillow apart.  Chewbacca has knee...

Hooded towels for the Beach 0

Hooded towels for the Beach

A couple years ago I made my kids some hooded towels.  However, they managed to grow about eight inches in a year so those quickly became too small.  This year I have made them...

Whipping Up A SuperHero 0

Whipping Up A SuperHero

Do you have a child with special needs?  Well we do.  And sometimes he gets “stuck” on stuff.  Today he was “stuck” on needing to be a superhero and needing to be one now. ...


The Hooded Cape

This cape is different from the others.  It is not the circular cut style – it is a rectangular cut with the addition of a hood.  It is also not lined.  It is made...