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Another Sign 1

Another Sign

This isn’t the final sign for the camper but this is what we are using for now.  The original sign ended up staying at home for the front yard since it was so large...

Outdoor Chest Redo 1

Outdoor Chest Redo

With the new camper and not wanting shoes to track “stuff” into the camper – I needed to come up with a solution.  If I don’t provide a place and solution – I will...

Candy Filled Surprise 0

Candy Filled Surprise

One of the things I finally decided to do with the million Frappuccino bottles.  This was part of my husband’s Fathers’ Day gift. 

Tables or Bookshelf 0

Tables or Bookshelf

I saw this cute set of three tables at the thrift store.  I just had to have them. I don’t have any need whatsoever for these small tables – but I do need more...

Footstool or? 0

Footstool or?

This project is a result of battles between my kids.  Remember the footstool I re-upholstered months ago?  To them, it is a seat, not for feet.  As a result there is only one and...

Keeping the Kids Busy 0

Keeping the Kids Busy

My kids have been sneaking my spray paint lately to try and paint anything they can.  This morning I took them to Lowes and bought primer (Valspar spray) and Valspar spray paint to let...

Chest for Fathers Day 0

Chest for Fathers Day

Well since my husband doesn’t read my blog I think it is safe to put this out here – so please don’t clue him in.  I found this nice (structurally) large wooden chest at...

A Chest for me 0

A Chest for me

Now that my kids have their treasure chests and wishing boxes – I found another “chest” and thought I would make one for me to carry craft materials when I am traveling – in...

The Large Sign 0

The Large Sign

This is the sign that I originally made for the camper – but since it hasn’t made it there yet I have re-allocated it to the front yard.  Naturally in order to do this...

My view of spray paint 0

My view of spray paint

I have tried many colors and varieties of spray paint lately.  I take the word of other refinishers and sometimes am pleased – sometimes not so much.  I don’t care for the look of...