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Must Have Apps And Tools For Your Virtual Assistant Business

  COVID has been around for more than a year, and you spent some or all of that time working remotely from home for your employer. Now, you realize that you enjoy working from home. However, you’d like to work from home as your own boss! You are not alone! Many of us came to.. [Read More]

iPhone Photography Tip Fun!

Don’t you just love iPhones?  Actually I love all smartphones.  I have owned Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones but the newest iPhones have cameras that just cannot be beat by anything else on the market right now.  I truly used to carry my DSLR with me everywhere but now I carry my iPhone 11 Pro.. [Read More]

Top 3 Tips To Book Inexpensive Plane Tickets and Fly Cheap

It is often very hard to find a cheap flight ticket if you are booking at the last minute. However, by following these simple tips, you can surely save big money on your airfare while flying virtually anywhere in the world. But, with less price comes more restrictions. With the inexpensive ticket, you may have.. [Read More]

13 Cleaning Tips That Will Help You to Clean Alike Professionals

Cleaning is one of the most prominent things that everyone performs regularly in their household and in their business.  In a business you are best to go with Industrial Cleaning Company Canton-MI . But, there are many things that take too much time and these things make us impatient and ultimately we start to hate daily.. [Read More]

Travel Tips – Epcot Flower and Garden Festival #MyCardMatch @CreditCardsCom #ad

  When I was younger I fantasized about traveling.  Seriously – I was 100% sure my first (and probably only) job was going to be spending my life on a cruise ship.  I was determined to work and see the world.   Life happened though and once I was married we pretty much put so.. [Read More]

7 Easy Meal Ideas for Feeding a Large Family

  7 Easy Meal Ideas for Feeding a Large Family The hustle and bustle of a large family is fun, interesting, and full of love, but it can also get pretty hectic come dinnertime if you don’t already have something planned. By having an arsenal of ideas for easy-to-make meals, you can spend more time.. [Read More]