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    Balloon Wreath

    Let’s make a balloon wreath today.  First you need about 200-220 medium sized ballons, a styrofoam wreath form (14 inches), and 200-220 floral pins.  If you wish to learn from my lack of judgement – do not plan on using water balloons (the small balloons) – but if you do, you need at least 1000 and tons of pins and you will need to be a little more creative in balloon placement due to their tiny size. For each balloon place it in the middle of the pin, then pin to wreath And partially complete Completed wreath Up close and personal And completed

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    Warming Stuffed Animal – Cooler Weather is Here

    This is sort of a project we already discussed but made better with enhancements and it makes a great Christmas present.   First I did a post for a Warming Heart – which was a heart shaped pillow filled with rice to warm in the microwave.  My daughter has been warming hers nightly since I made it.  I made my son a football to warm and he also warms his nightly.So off to the thrift store I went recently and I purchased two stuffed animals – a pink bear and a white dog that had speakers in them.  The speakers no longer worked so these were perfect for what I needed.  I…

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    Make Your Own Hula Hoops

    Have you ever purchased hula hoops from a store like Walmart or Target?  They are cheaply made, inexpensive and break within a day of use.  They are not designed to actually be used for any length of time.  So you can buy one of those for $5 or you can make alot of them for a whole lot less.  Purchase some rolls of 3/4″ or 1″ PVC irrigation pipe (I purchased 3/4″ but prefer 1″).  They come in rolls of  100 feet or 300 feet.  I could have gotten 1″ in a roll of 300 feet but definitely didn’t need that much.  This time we went with 3/4″ 100 foot…

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    Shimmery Ornament

    Have you ever seen the clear empty plastic ball ornaments at the craft stores?  I purchased some last year on clearance and chose to decorate them now.  I still have a bunch left – but ten of them we chose this option.First you need a strand of the opalescent garland – this was on clearance at a major department store. So we have the garland and the empty ornament – Cut a strip of garland about 8 inches long – then use something to push it all into the ball of the ornament.  We used the top part of a pen.  Replace the cap and use a strip of ribbon…

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    3D Snowflakes

    Opalescent decorations are definitely the theme this year.  For this project you will need a package of opalescent pipe cleaners and either clear or pearl colored pony beads.  If you want to make them to use as ornaments – cut each pipe cleaner in two.  If you want to make a “wearable” snowflake – cut each in three.  Here I cut them into three.  You need 12 sections – so I needed four pipe cleaners.  Put 11 of the sections together and use the 12th to twist around them tightly at the center.  Then start splaying out each branch into the shape of a snowflake.  Place one pony bead on…

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    Custom Butterfly Notepad

    Did I ever tell you I am addicted to a couple things?  I know I have told you about Starbuck’s Frappuccinos; then there is diet coke to a lesser degree.  But, notepads and pens are a whole different obsession.  I found a plain pink canvas notebook at Staples on clearance.  It was a great price so I bought two of them (the only two they had – thank Goodness I didn’t need to rely on myself for restraint).  But once I got them home they seemed a little Blah.  They were cute and all, but would I actually use them?  Probably not.  They were wide ruled and I like college…

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    Easy PJs

    Although I do sometimes follow a pattern for pajamas – that just seems so time consuming when it comes to my kids.  They grow out of them so far so perfection is not high on my list of priorities.  This is a pair of pajamas I made for my son – he is a size 14 and it took 2 yards of fleece fabric.  Always the silly poses… First I folded the fabric with wrong sides out.  Then I laid a pair of shorts (folded in half) down on the fabric.  I simply cut around them – about two inches out.  I wanted them to be longer than shorts so…

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    Makin’ Our Own Shirts

    One of the best investments I ever made was my heat press.  Yup – got my own heat press at home.  Whenever I feel the urge we make shirts.  Anything we want.  We simply copy something on to transfer paper and heat it up and iron it on.  This is one that I designed.  I actually drew that drawing (positive and negative space) free hand; colored it all in with a sharpie; photocopied it onto transfer paper; and ironed it on.  Then I did the same for the writing.  I had to remember (and sometimes forget) to print as a mirror image.  This is one result.  I love Irish Dance…

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    Decorating My Car – Angry Birds Style

    Angry birds is totally popular right now with people of all ages.  That is no different in our house.  We have a red PT Cruiser and I felt like “decorating” it.  How?  Simply decorate it with an Angry Bird. First I drew by hand a picture of an Angry Bird (the red one) on an 8 1/2 x 11 magnet sheet… Then I colored it with Sharpie markers.  I did not have yellow for the beak so I had to use orange.  Unfortunately, the orange is very close to the color red but it will do. Then cut the colored magnet section out… Then we simply placed it strategically on…

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    Decorating Shirts With Pants

    Through my dollar store trip I picked up a few blank tshirts and a pair of toddler stretch pants.  The toddler pants had bright stripes that I wanted to use to decorate the shirts.  I simple cut up the pants (removed seams) and traced cookie cutters onto them, cut them out and used fabric glue to adhere them to the desired shirt. I share my projects at some great link parties. You can see them all HERE