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    Hexnut Bracelet

    I have been wanting to make this for some time but couldn’t find brass hexnuts anywhere.  You could use twine or some other type of string but I used tshirt yarn.  Cut three pieces of the tshirt yarn about twenty inches long and knot them together.  You then start braiding.  Braid about an inche then braid a hexnut onto each strand you wrap over.  You will need to hold that hexnut in place while you work on the next – three hands would be helpful but two is possible.  I did it with the assistance of a clipboard holding the braid.  After braiding on about 13-14 hexnuts, braid another inch…

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    Winter top to summer coverup

    Of course I was so excited about this project I entirely forgot to take a before shot.  Basically this was a long sleeve hooded tshirt size 14 (my daughter is only a size 7 – so the shirt was purposefully larger) and I upcycled it into a fashionable coverup for a bathing suit.  I cut off the arms (mostly) and cropped the bottom.  Since my daughter was sleeping at the time I got a little carried away on the cropping – I wish it were about 1 inch longer.  Oh well. See that little bit of tummy showing… That is why it will only be worn as a beach coverup! …

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    Tshirt Yarn

    There are so many projects you can do if you want to use Tshirts as yarn.  To make Tshirt yarn you simply cut off the bottom hem of a Tshirt (get rid of that).  Then from the bottom up to the armpits – you cut off 1 inch strips.  Take each strip and stretch it as far as you can (it will stretch quite far).  The ends will roll in on themselves and voila – you have tshirt yarn. Endless options include rugs, crochet, knit, bracelets, necklaces, cording etc.. The opportunities are only bounded by the number of tshirts you can “cut up”.

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    Catch The Ball

    This is just something simple I made to help my kids with their hand-eye coordination.  The bucket is a small red/white/blue bucket from Target in their dollar section and the ball on a string is a dog toy from Petco on clearance for on dollar.  So, the toy cost a total of two bucks.  All I did was tie the handle from the ball around the handle for the bucket – the kids just swing the ball and try to catch it in the bucket – easy peasy – though not so easy for them.

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    Short Sleeves to Tank Top

    In the last year our two youngest children have grown significantly.  They had both always been the smallest in their classes and that is no longer the case.  Right now we are in a spell of really warm weather (at least at the time of writing this post) and my son no longer has any tank tops in his wardrobe – which he refers to as armpit shirts. I looked through at least five stores today and could not find any to purchase as I am sure all of Connecticut is doing the same thing.  So I asked him to give me a couple of his tshirts and we made…

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    More Popsicle Stick Bracelets

    In a previous post here  I described how to make bracelets out of popsicle sticks.  In that post I allowed the kids to decorate their bracelets with markers etc… This time, I took over and decorated their bracelets with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and Clear Glaze.  Here you go… Waiting to dry…………………………….. The “Manly Colors”

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    Tables or Bookshelf

    I saw this cute set of three tables at the thrift store.  I just had to have them. I don’t have any need whatsoever for these small tables – but I do need more shelving in my craft room.  As you can see I am working on them well into the evening!  I wanted to see if I was okay with them the way they are or if I needed (or wanted) to put a bottom shelf.  I will be putting a bottom shelf – so I will need to cut out a “floor”.  That driveway has so much paint on it… It does eventually wash away for me to…

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    How to… Fabric Covered Buttons

    In this tutorial the button blank is a flat back button due to the project I am working on.  For other projects I might choose to use a button with a shank on the back for sewing onto some item.  The top of the button (the part to be covered in fabric) is concave in order to emphasize the design in the fabric.  Next, you place the rounded part of the blank face down onto the fabric with the good side of the fabric face down (so it will end up being the displayed side of the button).  Then you push the rounded blank into the plastic button tool (the…