Creamy Chicken Stew - Crockpot Set It And Go!
Perfect way to spend a Fall or Winter day - sitting with you Creamy Chicken Stew
: Soup
  • Crockpot - I use a large one - the more the better
  • Chicken - I use a package of chicken tenders (about ten)
  • Chicken Broth - quart size
  • Vegetables - frozen, canned or fresh. I used corn, peas, carrots, diced potatoes
  • 1 bar of Cream Cheese
  • 1 cup of milk
  • ¼ cup of flour (or Bisquick)
  1. Place chicken, broth and vegetables in a crockpot and set on high. Do not fill completely to the top - you will need room for the rest.
  2. After about two hours mix a bar of cream cheese, milk and flour together and stir into your warm crockpot contents. I actually mix my cream cheese mixer with a blender to avoid chunking. If you are using a very large crockpot like I do - you will want to double this (2 bars cream cheese, 2 cups milk and ½ cup flour).
  3. Continue to cook on high for another three hours.
  4. Serve hot, store refrigerated. I store in portion sized canning jars to easily carry for work lunches.
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