Lava Jar Experiment 0

Lava Jar Experiment

My kids LOVE experiments and this one does not disappoint. It is a lava jar. First you need a bottle – I chose a LifeWater bottle because it is clear and plastic but a...

Do You Need a Hoodie? 1

Do You Need a Hoodie?

Sephora has a field trip tomorrow and she was insisting she needed a “hoodie” to wear and all of hers were in the wash (not that she has many).  So do I do laundry...

Decorating My Car – Angry Birds Style 1

Decorating My Car – Angry Birds Style

Angry birds is totally popular right now with people of all ages.  That is no different in our house.  We have a red PT Cruiser and I felt like “decorating” it.  How?  Simply decorate...

Todays News 1

Todays News

Today was a tough day for news in CT – particularly Eastern CT.  First thing this morning there was yet another house fire.  Things have been so dry here that fires are happening every...

Rockin With Rita – Makin’ Candies 0

Rockin With Rita – Makin’ Candies

This post is a contribution from my mother in law.  She has been working so hard making candies for her brother.  The tractors and cows are my favorites. Which are yours?


Sundays With Sephora – Easter Bag

I bought these cheap hand towels from the Target dollar section figuring Sephora and I could make pillows out of them.  However, she had different plans.  She wanted an Easter bag for her Easter...

Glow in the Dark Eggs 0

Glow in the Dark Eggs

We will be doing an Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning.  But today – just for fun we had our first ever glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt after sunset.  The kids had a...

Coke and Mentos 4

Coke and Mentos

I had grand plans for this post but after attempting this experiment three times – this is all I am left with… My daughter kept getting herself all set and ready for the resulting...