Pink Purse Re-do 0

Pink Purse Re-do

I picked up this purse (brand new – see the tag on the left hand side) at the thrift store for $2.  I love the style but am not a big fan of pure...

Little Things Printable 0

Little Things Printable

This is part of one of my favorite poems – truly in the whole wide world.  The rest of the poem is good but really, this is the portion that says it all.  This...

Winter Dress gone summer 0

Winter Dress gone summer

Okay so this week is soooo hot.  Over the winter I made my daughter a bunch of these jumpers out of Christmas fabric – this one is Hello Kitty.  At the time I was...

Make your own bubble gum machine 5

Make your own bubble gum machine

Many years ago I learned to make these – and at the time I made them as gifts for everyone I knew.  Back then I didn’t have kids.  Funny – I just never thought...

Fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl

This is another vision I had (and no “before” picture).  I am not sure what the purpose of this base is other than if it was for a very large candle?  It is a...

The “not sure what it is” project 0

The “not sure what it is” project

I started two projects that I thought would be “cool” but I don’t really know what to call them.  I know what I will use them for though.  This one, will be a cupcake...

What to do when you are missing an ingredient 0

What to do when you are missing an ingredient

A coworker and I were talking about a recipe the other day and how she started it, realized she didn’t have oil and what she came up with as a solution that worked out...

Sunday is a good day to…. 1

Sunday is a good day to….

Practice a Random Act of Senseless Kindness.  Help out someone; Do something for someone; Commit your time to someone.  All for no reason with no expectation of reciprocation.  Be kind – just to be...

New USDA Dietary Guidelines 0

New USDA Dietary Guidelines

The USDA has issued new dietary guidelines and they are no longer using the pyramid diagram. They new diagram is a representation of your plate (meal). For the full details go to

Morning mail 0

Morning mail

A tradition I started two years ago with my kids was “morning mail”.  I purchased them each a mailbox (leftover from Valentines Day) and set them up in the kitchen.  Each morning (or most...