Update on our resident skunk 0

Update on our resident skunk

We have a resident skunk who has a den somewhere in our yard.  A skunk can spray up to seven times (consecutively), then they really can’t spray for 10 days or so.  I just...

My pot of gold 0

My pot of gold

Today the weather was a mix or rain with thunder and lightning – along with sun.  The result were some phenomenal rainbows.  I only had my pocket camera so I hope you can appreciate...

Sign for home 0

Sign for home

Since my latest sign was “busted up” by Hurricane Irene – I needed to make another one.  This one is plain old black and white.  First I purchased some decorative trim and letters.  See...

Paint Chip Wreath 4

Paint Chip Wreath

This is a paint chip wreath.  The wreath is composed of a cardboard cake circle with the center cut out to make a wreath form.  Then I cut orange and black paint chips into...

Spill Proof Drinking 1

Spill Proof Drinking

This is an easy solution for spillproof drinking which we utilize when camping.  It isn’t so much that the drink needs to be unbreakable but when camping not every surface is necessarily level so...

This weeks thrifty finds 0

This weeks thrifty finds

I haven’t been shopping much at all lately.  As far as thrifty finds – I have plenty to keep me busy for a very long time.  But today my son and I made it...

Candy Corn Dress 7

Candy Corn Dress

I wanted to make a Halloween dress for my daughter and didn’t have alot of time.  For supplies you need three tshirts – white, yellow, and orange.  The white shirt should fit your child...

Six month anniversary 4

Six month anniversary

Happy six month blogiversary to me,Happy six month blogiversary to me, Happy six month blogiversary to The Stuff Of Success,That only means there will now be even less time for rest! Thank you to...

This week in pictures 0

This week in pictures

Xena and her new dog pillow The cold nights in Maine The cold days in Maine – not to cold to swim in a heated pool Practicing sign language (home)