Outdoor Chest Redo 1

Outdoor Chest Redo

With the new camper and not wanting shoes to track “stuff” into the camper – I needed to come up with a solution.  If I don’t provide a place and solution – I will...

Candy Filled Surprise 0

Candy Filled Surprise

One of the things I finally decided to do with the million Frappuccino bottles.  This was part of my husband’s Fathers’ Day gift. 

Hexnut Bracelet 0

Hexnut Bracelet

I have been wanting to make this for some time but couldn’t find brass hexnuts anywhere.  You could use twine or some other type of string but I used tshirt yarn.  Cut three pieces...

Winter top to summer coverup 0

Winter top to summer coverup

Of course I was so excited about this project I entirely forgot to take a before shot.  Basically this was a long sleeve hooded tshirt size 14 (my daughter is only a size 7...

Tshirt Yarn 0

Tshirt Yarn

There are so many projects you can do if you want to use Tshirts as yarn.  To make Tshirt yarn you simply cut off the bottom hem of a Tshirt (get rid of that). ...

It’s Christmas for ME!!! 2

It’s Christmas for ME!!!

My husband just came home with a new Porter Cable Circular Saw, a Porter Cable Reciprocating Saw, a Porter Cable Drill and a Porter Cable Spotlight!  All for me, me and ME!  Although I...

Trash Solution for Vehicles 0

Trash Solution for Vehicles

As I have stated before – we travel alot.  This unfortunately means way to much eating in the vehicles but that is just the way it is.  Trash is a constant problem – we...

Catch The Ball 0

Catch The Ball

This is just something simple I made to help my kids with their hand-eye coordination.  The bucket is a small red/white/blue bucket from Target in their dollar section and the ball on a string...

Today’s Menu – Crockpot Lasagna 0

Today’s Menu – Crockpot Lasagna

This is one of my favorite meals and the ability to make it in a crockpot makes me very happy.  It can be made with many more ingredients and additions but my family likes...

Short Sleeves to Tank Top 1

Short Sleeves to Tank Top

In the last year our two youngest children have grown significantly.  They had both always been the smallest in their classes and that is no longer the case.  Right now we are in a...