This morning’s treat 0

This morning’s treat

Thanks to a friend of mine – this has become a frequent treat in our house!  I have several recipes for homemade donuts but they are the cake style donuts and although I like...

A rare opportunity 1

A rare opportunity

A rare moment without: He looked at me – no she looked at me…He touched me – no she touched me…He’s mimicking me; make him stop…She did it – no he did it…Well he...

I love the internet 0

I love the internet

Our lives were so much different ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago and forty years ago.  There are so many things that I miss:      Rushing home on Saturday night from...

Another piece complete for Anthony’s room 0

Another piece complete for Anthony’s room

After this piece there is just one piece remaining.  Here is the third completed piece for Anthony’s room (Before and After):

I guess I really can’t do it all 0

I guess I really can’t do it all

This story does have a moral… This morning I get up; take out the dogs; shower, get kids ready for school (with husbands help); take out dogs again;      pack up an item I...

How did I know that? 0

How did I know that?

My kids had an extremely mischievous weekend.  It truly took all my patience and strength – but more importantly it took me paying 100% attention at all times.  Of course they didn’t think I...

The hassock redo 0

The hassock redo

This hassock has been sitting in the basement by our workout unit for ten years.  We have not thrown it out but we no longer use it (clearly).  See the awful condition it was...

Teacher Appreciation Day 2011 0

Teacher Appreciation Day 2011

Is on Tuesday, May 3rd. Have a gift yet?  This is what my kid’s teachers are getting – they are all different as you can see by what I did.  First, I bought 5×7...

10 Tips for Living Debt Free 0

10 Tips for Living Debt Free

From Stop using credit cardsSet up a spending plan and stick to itMonitor every penny that comes in or goes out – online or writtenAutomatically pay bills onlineStart an emergency fund and pay...