Sunday is a good day to…. 1

Sunday is a good day to….

Practice a Random Act of Senseless Kindness.  Help out someone; Do something for someone; Commit your time to someone.  All for no reason with no expectation of reciprocation.  Be kind – just to be...

New USDA Dietary Guidelines 0

New USDA Dietary Guidelines

The USDA has issued new dietary guidelines and they are no longer using the pyramid diagram. They new diagram is a representation of your plate (meal). For the full details go to

Morning mail 0

Morning mail

A tradition I started two years ago with my kids was “morning mail”.  I purchased them each a mailbox (leftover from Valentines Day) and set them up in the kitchen.  Each morning (or most...

Chelsea Botanical Gardens – Butterfly Garden 3

Chelsea Botanical Gardens – Butterfly Garden

Chelsea Botanical Gardens holds an annual butterfly pavilion in June of each year for a four day period. Hart’s Greenhouse & Nursery 43 Clinton Ave. Norwich, 06360 1,000 butterflies in “tent” inside flower-filled greenhouse...

My view of spray paint 0

My view of spray paint

I have tried many colors and varieties of spray paint lately.  I take the word of other refinishers and sometimes am pleased – sometimes not so much.  I don’t care for the look of...

The purple addition 0

The purple addition

I thought I didn’t have anything else in the basement that I could refinish – guess I was wrong.  In the process of refinishing pieces in my craft room I determined I had room...

Brownie box recycle 0

Brownie box recycle

Seems now that I don’t throw away any boxes and collect as many as I can – I try to find more and more uses for them.  This one is so easy – take...

Lowes BiPlane Project 0

Lowes BiPlane Project

Although we are not obsessed with Lowes or Home Depot projects – we do keep them in mind if we are in the area.  Saturday we happened to be going to Lowes so we...

Another use for cookie cutters 0

Another use for cookie cutters

I have tons of cookie cutters.  Funny thing is I have never ever used them to make cookies.  I use them to cut up the kids sandwiches.  The photo below is my favor kind...