Ways to “Pay It Forward” 0

Ways to “Pay It Forward”

I strongly advocate “Paying It Forward”.  I found this article from The Halfway Point which provides suggestions for “ways to pay it forward” – just in case nothing comes to mind.  Please remember to think...

The Day 0

The Day

In general today was a difficult day – chalk it up to emotions.  So these are the interesting points. First, we have an interesting set of dogs.  These photos detail the two youngest.  There...

Another Sign 1

Another Sign

This isn’t the final sign for the camper but this is what we are using for now.  The original sign ended up staying at home for the front yard since it was so large...

Make Your Own Halter Top 2

Make Your Own Halter Top

This was an interesting project.  I took one of my daughters tshirts that she doesn’t wear and cut it up…  It took five minutes but there was a great deal of drama during that...

Geocaching 0


Looking for some fun summer activities?  Have you ever tried Geocaching?  With Geocaching navigational techniques are used to hide and find containers throughout the world.  Usually the container is a small waterproof container (similar...

Tshirt Bag 4

Tshirt Bag

I am always on the lookout for crafts and projects that will be of interest to my son.  This is a great one and nice and easy.  I used one of his used and...

Tiered Cupcake Platter 0

Tiered Cupcake Platter

I finally got around to this project.  It is something I wanted to make for some time but didn’t need anymore projects to put on my tables!  I love making the projects but they...

Outdoor Chest Redo 1

Outdoor Chest Redo

With the new camper and not wanting shoes to track “stuff” into the camper – I needed to come up with a solution.  If I don’t provide a place and solution – I will...

Candy Filled Surprise 0

Candy Filled Surprise

One of the things I finally decided to do with the million Frappuccino bottles.  This was part of my husband’s Fathers’ Day gift. 

Hexnut Bracelet 0

Hexnut Bracelet

I have been wanting to make this for some time but couldn’t find brass hexnuts anywhere.  You could use twine or some other type of string but I used tshirt yarn.  Cut three pieces...