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Holistic Addiction Treatment: What to Expect from Rehab Centers

In the realm of addiction recovery, a holistic approach is gaining momentum, recognizing that true healing extends beyond physical rehabilitation. Holistic addiction treatment centers are redefining the rehab experience by addressing the mind, body, and spirit as an interconnected whole. This comprehensive methodology acknowledges that substance abuse often stems from deep-rooted emotional, psychological, and spiritual.. [Read More]

How Can Kids Stay Away From Drugs In School?

There are many ways to ensure that kids stay away from drugs in school. Effective communication, consistent rules and guidelines, and understanding your child are all important aspects of keeping kids away from drugs. Many parents can use some help keeping up with parenting in today’s fast-paced world. If you’re looking for tips to keep.. [Read More]

Is Ibogaine Treatment Legal?

Is Ibogaine Treatment Legal?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid substance, extracted from the roots of iboga shrub, which is found in West Africa. For years, ibogaine has been used in treating addiction problems because of its ability to control synapses and neurons in the brain. However, there has been a serious debate about the safety of ibogaine treatment because of.. [Read More]

The Best Way to Support and Care for a Loved One Battling Addiction

Does any of your friends, family member, or someone close to you has addiction issues? Unfortunately, addiction and dependency habits pertain to human health, whether due to medications, substance abuse, or alcohol. Nonetheless, the good news is that there are ways to offer support and care to them. The journey of assisting a friend or.. [Read More]

Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Residential addiction treatment programs offer patients options that will help them receive the individualized care they need.to regain their health and maintain their sobriety. With the right treatment plan, the patient can transition to an outpatient program and continue to succeed in reaching their sobriety goals. If you are considering treatment, it is important that.. [Read More]

How to help teenagers with drug addiction?

Many teenagers are becoming victims of drug abuse and face ample negative consequences severely impacting their lives and that of their family members. Laying a positive foundation in addicted teenagers is essential to get them away from the substance abuse habit. How to Prevent Drug Abuse? According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.. [Read More]

5 Signs That Show You’re Dating An Addict

Dating is part of everyday life and at one point or another we find ourselves in relationships that we like to call the “best thing that has ever happened”. Do I dispute that? No! Not all I only want to point out the fact that they could also be some of the worst days of.. [Read More]

How To Lift Yourself Back Up

The world is changing but addiction has always been an issue.  I am fortunate that it isn’t something I have had to deal with but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been impacted by addiction.  I have three adopted children – one of them was born into an addictive situation and it will impact her forever. .. [Read More]

Taking Your Name Out of the Opioid Crisis Statistics

Opioid addiction continues to claim the lives of thousands of people across the country each year. People may never intend to become addicted to opioid substances. However, they may be prescribed them after surgery or other intensive medical treatments. They become dependent on the sensations that the medication induces in their bodies. Weaning yourself from.. [Read More]