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Pregnant? Adoption As an Option

Pregnant? Adoption As an Option

Psychologists have assigned point values to stressful events in people’s lives. Pregnancy, while only netting 40 points, is considered to be more stress-inducing than the death of a close friend, a significant change in your financial state, or a foreclosure on your mortgage or loan. One of the more stressful choices comes right at the.. [Read More]

6 Questions to Consider Before Adopting

Adoption is a big moment in your life. Naturally, you will likely have a few questions for yourself and your adoption agency.  Overall, it’s important to make sure you’re ready to adopt. That means asking yourself important questions about adoption to know how you feel and to be properly prepared for it.  Because adoption is.. [Read More]

The Face of Horse Rescue – Freedom From Slaughter

  Two years ago my daughter started riding horses.  I didn’t think in a million years something like that would happen – you see, I have severe allergies to horses.  BUT, modern medicine has changed and the drugs available today now make it possible for me to not only get near a horse but also.. [Read More]