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Day One – 24 Day Challenge – The Beginning of the Beginning – Care to Join Me?

  I received my 24 Day Challenge Kit from Advocare yesterday and my plan was to start the program today.  I wasn’t quite sure if that would happen since everyone in the house is sick with one thing or another.  In the end, I did decide to start today.  What better time to start than.. [Read More]

Shouting From The Rooftops – I Finally Am Starting With Advocare!

A good friend of mine, Nicole Smith from FrugalMaine, recently starting the 24 Day Challenge with Advocare and she is doing great.  Being the supportive friend that I am…I felt the desire (very strongly) to also sign up for Advocare and begin my own 24 Day Challenge.  Of course, at the time I didn’t know.. [Read More]