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Tech Trends to Watch Out in 2024

As the 2024 continues, the landscape of technology also continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, reshaping industries, societies, and the very fabric of our daily lives. From the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence to the immersive experiences offered by augmented reality, the future promises to be as exhilarating as it is unpredictable. Let’s delve.. [Read More]

Writer’s Strike Finally Reaches an End

On May 2nd, the Writers Guild of America called on their 11,500 members to strike in order to pressure studios like Disney and Netflix to better protect their members from decreased residuals from streaming services and the encroaching threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.) replacing their skills. Two months later, on July 15th, the WGA’s cause.. [Read More]

Emerging Biotechnology Fields That are Booming This Year

The current biotech industry is binging on trends like data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve different production processes. Due to these advancements in the biotech, there’s a growing market for consumer products directly targeted at customers, not just biopharma or healthcare businesses. While medicine remains a major focus, startups are venturing into various fields,.. [Read More]

The Uses of and Effects of Financial Technology on Our Lives

The Uses of and Effects of Financial Technology on Our Lives

Fintech expands, automates, and simplifies pathways for accessing and processing information, transactions, and decision-making. It includes but is not limited to mobile payments, crowdfunding platforms, international money transfers, blockchain and cryptocurrency, consumer banking, and robo-advising and stock trading. Consumers have come to expect easy access to their bank accounts on a mobile platform. FinTech has.. [Read More]

Artificial Intelligence: Should You Use ChatGPT for Marketing?

artificial intelligence

Feelings are mixed about the introduction of ChatGPT and about artificial intelligence, in general, becoming more and more prominent in the world. Some people are quite excited about it, claiming that these programs make their lives and their work easier, while others are not so happy about the whole thing, afraid that it will eventually.. [Read More]

Do Not Fear Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Automation can be scary but in business it is totally necessary.  As we become more and more knowledgeable we need to learn to do things better and faster – requiring more and more automation.  Similarly artificial intelligence is becoming more necessary. I started working with technology about 35 years ago – that seems like a.. [Read More]