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Hoglet – A Unique Fidget Mouse!


World’s First Hedgehog Fidget Spinner Mouse for Computer The Hoglet Fidget Mouse This is the first and only hedgehog-themed fidget mouse in the world, there are other hedgehogs available on Amazon but they are not a fidget mouse. Buy Now The design is based on our popular Hedgehog health wireless mouse but with a fidget.. [Read More]

600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster

This post contains affiliate links 600 Hours of Edward Craig’s debut novel was originally published in 2009 by Riverbend Publishing of Helena, Montana. It was a Montana Honor Book and the 2010 High Plains Book Award winner for Best First Book. In 2012, a new edition was released by Lake Union Publishing of Seattle, and.. [Read More]

SensaCalm – A Weighted Blanket to Calm and Relax

This post contains affiliate links   SensaCalm is the “home of the original affordable weighted blanket.  They make therapeutic products for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Restless Legs Syndrome, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimers, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and more. Our daughter (age 9) struggles with sleep.  She has difficulties falling asleep but more importantly has difficulties staying.. [Read More]

Special Needs and Hyperacusis – HearMuffs To The Rescue

Do you have children with special needs?  Autism perhaps?  Or other special needs that include hyperacusis?  Hyperacusis is an extreme sensitivity to certain sounds based on frequency and volume.  This particular affliction has played a huge role in our lives. Our son is autistic and is now 17 years old.  But in his younger years,.. [Read More]

Special Ed Mom Survival Guide Book Tour

“Your son’s brain function is severely abnormal. I would recommend you begin saving for his group home care as an adult.” Any mom would be crushed by this dire pessimistic prediction, but Bonnie did not let this UCLA neuropsychologist’s edict determine her son’s fate. Combining relentless determination with research, learning and in-depth discussions with professionals,.. [Read More]

How Qivana Has Changed My Life and What Is In Store for 2017 #MyQLife #TheStuffofSuccess #Entrepreneur

  Today it was just announced that I am one of 51 nominees for the Nation Shoutout 2016 with Qivana.  I am so honored.  Qivana has already changed my life and I am expecting 2017 to be a huge year.     What led me to Qivana?  That is a question that deserves a very.. [Read More]

A Horsey Weekend – All Weekend Long

  Our Horsey Weekend started Friday night after work.  We started running right from the time we left work through 4pm today.  One thing after another – nonstop.   We already own a horse for our daughter – she has been riding for a little over a year and is pretty active in competitions.  She.. [Read More]