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Get Creative with Your Bathroom: 7 DIY Upgrades

Tired of getting ready each morning in an outdated, uninspired bathroom? Luckily, it really only takes a little time and the willingness to get your hands dirty to get started on a few fun DIY projects that can seriously transform the space. Redoing your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a bunch of.. [Read More]

Custom-made Bathroom Sinks

custom sink

It is impossible to create an original bathroom design without exclusive interior details. So, the choice of a unique custom made bathroom sink provided by Aquatica could be one of the necessary steps toward the bathroom interior of your dream. The point is that Aquatica is famous for its variety of atypical designs of bathroom products,.. [Read More]

5 Ways to Adapt Your Bathroom for a Disabled Guest

5 Ways to Adapt Your Bathroom for a Disabled Guest

With Christmas just around the corner, the season is a perfect opportunity to spend time and catch up with loved ones. If you have disabled relatives coming to join in on the festivities, they may have difficulty getting around your bathroom. To ensure your bathroom meets the needs of everyone, here are simple ways to.. [Read More]

10 Luxurious Accessories for an Amazing Bathroom

If you ask if it is important to add luxurious accessories to your bathroom? Then the answer is a yes! Whenever you enter a bathroom, the first thing that makes you wonder is the beautiful accessories that are used as embellishments. An amazing bathroom means a perfect place to unwind and destress.  You don’t want.. [Read More]

How to design your bathroom on a budget?

You want to redecorate your bathroom, but you may hesitate, thinking about the expenses. While renovations come with a particular cost, you don’t have to put your plans on the backburner. You can still transform your bathroom without spending mega-bucks. There are many budget-friendly ideas to benefit from, as even interior designers suggest. They say.. [Read More]

4 Secrets to Make Planning Your Bathroom Remodel a Breeze

If “new year, new bathroom” is your mantra to start off 2018, then you’ll no doubt have plenty of planning and big decisions in store this year. And while it may seem like it’s all fun and games as you spend hours pinning away your favorite bathroom details on Pinterest, actually putting together a plan.. [Read More]