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A Guide to Detecting Drug Use Among Employees: Red Flags and Warning Signs

drug use in employees

Creating a safe work environment is a top priority for any employer. One of the challenges that organizations may face is identifying and addressing drug use among employees. Substance abuse not only impacts an individual’s health but can also negatively affect job performance, safety, and overall morale in the workplace. In this guide, we explore.. [Read More]

The Connection Between Childhood Experience and Adult Behavioral Problems

Many professionals in the mental health field can tell you that almost everyone who has walked through their doors suffering from issues such as depression and substance abuse went through some form of adversity when they were growing up. When you listen to most of the stories, you start to realize that how a person.. [Read More]

Behavioral Change 101: How To Make Transformation Happen

The secret to attaining high levels of success in life is learning how to change. Doing the same thing over and over again makes certain behaviors increasingly familiar while ingraining them in the mind and body so that they are conceptualized as acceptable and/or part of the person’s core identity. Additionally, doing the same thing.. [Read More]