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3 Benefits of Green Coffee Beans for New and Veteran Coffee Drinkers

Coffee Beans

Would you be surprised to learn that coffee is the second-largest traded commodity in the world? It is second only to crude oil. This explains why coffee is considered a culture and not just a beverage. Whether you celebrate International Coffee Day or not, you know that coffee and its effect on a person’s health has long been.. [Read More]

LinkIt Stainless Steel Tumbler

Summer is just about here and keeping yourself hydrated properly is essential.  First of all proper hydration helps you to remain healthy and in these COVID times we need to do everything we can to remain healthy.  For me drinking water is always the greatest struggle I have.  I get completely sidetracked with work and.. [Read More]

American Craft Beer – The Evolution Of An Industry

  It seems like just yesterday craft beer was obscurity reserved for the self-proclaimed elite beer drinkers or the rare treat. Today almost every restaurant, bar, and pub have some variety of locally brewed IPA or seasonal brew on their menu. Microbrews have taken the world by storm and we are grateful for the changing.. [Read More]

Woken Vanilla Espresso Pods

Father’s Day will be here before we know it.  Seems like just yesterday was Mothers Day and now that is just a memory… My husband and I both work in education and have special needs children at home – Mornings can definitely be rough!  What helps?  Woken Coffee! Woken Coffee pods are 100% compostable, compatible.. [Read More]

The Three Things Coffee Drinkers Need to Know About Instant Coffee

Today’s fast-paced way of living has forced us to find ingenious ways to save time and yet enjoy our personal habits. Instant coffee is just one of the many examples that could be offered, but definitely one of the most revelatory. In simple terms, this is a soluble type of coffee, to which one can.. [Read More]

The Accidental Turtle Milk

A little while ago, McDonalds came out with their Turtle products – Turtle Macchiato and Turtle Coffee.  I am totally not a coffee drinker but I love caramel and chocolate.  So one day when I was totally exhausted (let’s face it, that is everyday) – I decided to try an Iced Turtle Macchiato.  My daughter.. [Read More]

National School Lunch Week – How We Celebrated

National School Lunch week was October 9th through the 13th.  I received these items a little too late to promote for that week but let’s talk about school lunches – and choices… My kids bring lunch every day to school – it is obviously more work than buying lunch but they don’t have school cafeterias.. [Read More]