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Mostly Plant-Based

Plant-based eating is a diet focused on consuming plants for the majority of your food intake. This means you get most of your calories from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds instead of animal products. There are several reasons why people choose to follow plant-based diets: Plant-based diets are often lower in fat and calories than.. [Read More]

Let’s Celebrate – A Low-Carb Cookbook For Year-Round Entertainment

If you’re living a low-carb or keto lifestyle, you may be intimidated by the idea of hosting a mix of carb lovers and carb avoiders, but fear no more. Natasha Newton brings you the ultimate guide to healthy entertaining with her easy and delicious crowd-pleasing recipes. In Let’s Celebrate, Natasha delivers low-carb, keto-friendly appetizers, salads, main dishes,.. [Read More]

My First Childrens’ Book! Toni’s Day At The Farm!

Tonis Day At The Farm

I have wanted to write books, particularly children’s books for some time.  A while back I did publish three other books but time has made those books obsolete.  But childrens’ books stand the test of time. I present to you – Toni!  A fun-loving tiny tan puppy who cherishes every day.  After all – who.. [Read More]

Hit Or Miss by Jeff Markowitz

Hit Or Miss by Jeff Markowitz April 1-30, 2021 Tour Synopsis: When you’re twenty-one years old, it can be hard, under the best of circumstances, to balance the expectations of your father and the desires of your girlfriend. For Ben Miller and his girlfriend Emily Bayard, circumstances are far from perfect. Emily’s mother has been.. [Read More]

Female Comic Book Characters

It’s a transformative time for comic books as they are ever-changing. The last years have seen a lot of hype around the new DC Universe and Marvel, and a push to increase diversity and appeal to a wider market of readers, especial those shopping with an online comic book store. With controversy also being caused.. [Read More]

A Dog’s Way Home – Giveaway (Prize Pack) #ADOGSWAYHOME #rwm

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for Sony Pictures Who loves a movie with dogs!  Raise your hands!  I definitely do.  We have always had dogs – as many as five most of the time but in recent years we are down to one.  She loves being queen of.. [Read More]

Xena’s Adventures In Petlandia – A Gift For Your Best Friend!

If you have children I am sure you have purchased a personalized book (or two, or ten) in their lifetimes.  We certainly have.  But we also have always had dogs – right now we have a Landseer Newfoundland – Xena Lee.  She is definitely the princess in our house with all her toys and treats… [Read More]