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Buying Seat Covers: What To Keep In Mind

Your automobile is an essential part of daily activity for both professional and personal needs. Because of this importance, you try to keep your automobile in good condition and take care of it. One area of consideration is keeping the interior safe from damage by preventing rips and spills. Quality seat covers such as Carhart.. [Read More]

Multi-Fold Booster Seat, the hifold Seat

A couple years ago I fell in love with the mifold grab and go booster seat.  This thing has been a total lifesaver for so many reasons.  It has allowed our family of five to travel easily with our grandchildren also.  It can be difficult to fit full size booster seats into a vehicle with.. [Read More]

Better Than A Car Seat – So Much More Comfortable With RideSafer @USFG

The Problem If you have never had three young children (or more) in carseats at the same time, you need to know – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  Let’s put aside all the struggles of just having three young children and focus on car seats.  Life is just grand if your vehicle is a large size,.. [Read More]

mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat! Perfect For Holiday Travel

Don’t you just love when young family members visit?  I love traveling with them and exposing them to so many great places and activities.  But young travelers often require alot of stuff!  Among them are items to keep them occupied, items to keep them safe, snacks (always hungry) etc… They also require car seats.  Laws.. [Read More]