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7 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is important at every stage of your life, but it’s particularly impactful during childhood. Children are learning and growing, which takes enormous amounts of energy. Research suggests that children who get enough sleep have a sharper focus, fewer behavioral issues, and better learning capacity. In general, a well-rested child has.. [Read More]

Nutritionally Dense Foods to Add to Your Child’s Diet

Nutritionally Dense Foods to Add to Your Child’s Diet

Ensuring your child has the best start to life with a healthy and varied diet is every parent’s responsibility. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but for the most part, your child should be able to get everything they need from the food and drink they consume. Adding Nutrient Dense Food To Your Child’s Diet To.. [Read More]

Multi-Fold Booster Seat, the hifold Seat

A couple years ago I fell in love with the mifold grab and go booster seat.  This thing has been a total lifesaver for so many reasons.  It has allowed our family of five to travel easily with our grandchildren also.  It can be difficult to fit full size booster seats into a vehicle with.. [Read More]

6 Ways To Boost Confidence In Your Child

Growth-years for children can be tough. But, it is during these years that a child or a teenager develops self-belief, self-trust, self-faith, and most importantly self-confidence that he/she will carry for the rest of his/her life. Classrooms aren’t usually the paradise that we imagine it to be, and not always every child walking out from.. [Read More]

Easy Forehead and Ear Baby Thermometer

This easy to use Baby Forehead and Ear Thermometer has the latest infrared technology to display accurate readings within a second. Instead of startling or irritating your children, this thermometer reads by simply swiping gently across the babies forehead.  The thermometer has a beeping sound to alert for high temperatures, however this feature can be disabled.. [Read More]

Selma’s Dolls – Doll For Diversity! Giveaway

The idea of diversity is very targeted at this point. At a young age children are taught certain values! Through these amazing Selma’s dolls, young girls are taught about diversity! They are taught that everyone is amazing and unique! I must say miss Aubree is only 6 months old, yet she LOVES her new doll! The.. [Read More]

Better Than A Car Seat – So Much More Comfortable With RideSafer @USFG

The Problem If you have never had three young children (or more) in carseats at the same time, you need to know – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  Let’s put aside all the struggles of just having three young children and focus on car seats.  Life is just grand if your vehicle is a large size,.. [Read More]