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Does a SaaS Enterprise Need A PLG-Based CRM?

A popular notion is that the solution for every problem associated with a product-led growth enterprise is a specialized CRM for PLG. In today’s marketplace, time is crucial. The famed multiples of the SaaS industry are fading rapidly, and investors are starting to support ARR-based SaaS enterprises over the traditional PLG ones. A SaaS company.. [Read More]

How Does CRM Help Businesses Connect Better With Customers?

We are very well aware that finding customers for the business is not an easy task. Even after finding them, there are other challenges that businesses face. Some of its major challenges are establishing and maintaining strong relationships with customers.  This is where simple CRM software can prove beneficial. What Is CRM Software? CRM stands.. [Read More]

Why Customer Management is Vital to Success

A Customer Management Strategy is how a company performs its customer-facing functions. The increase in the number of customers is directly correlated to the increase of the business s revenue! Thus, the performance of the business reflects the quality of the client’s experience. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used to manage and track.. [Read More]